Stret West Bank

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Light from the more blue-white of Rubi-Ka's two suns predominates in this unusual sky over the forest haze of Stret West Bank near the riverside
The grey stone of Stret West Bank gives way to voluptuous greenery

Connected by Whompah to Borealis and Hope, Stret West Bank is a Political Zone, with only 25% suppression gas. It is a mixture of rocky waste, a grey granite-like stone formations, grassy hills, and the sandy Stret river bank. Most monsters here range in level from 15-35, with the notable exception of the Buckethead Alloy Grafters robots in the stone hills along the northern road.

Backup generators continue to light the control panel of an abandoned Omni mineshaft elevator

Stret West Bank is the home of the neutral city of Last Ditch, and the Reet's Retreat bar that is one of three teleport destinations of Organization Cities.

Although there is a Rhinoman camp with a Dyna boss on the northern part of the Stret West Bank landmass, it counts as part of the Aegean zone. There are no Dyna Camps in Stret West Bank.

Stret West Bank is littered with the shacks, mineshafts, and even mining machinery left after Omni-Tek ceased its mining operations here.

The area borders Athen Shire to the north, Upper Stret East Bank to the east (across the lake), 4 Holes to the south and Holes in the Wall to the west.

Last Ditch[edit]

The stone hills above the canyons of Stret West Bank
The City of Last Ditch

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Last Ditch is a Neutral aligned city that lays in the north west area of Stret West Bank. Last Ditch has Whompahs to Hope and Borealis, a Neutral Basic shop, a Neutral Advanced shop, and merchants in the open, throughout the city. It has the pale cob style construction that is also seen in cities such as Bliss, Sabulum, and Drumdar, but does not have any of the hand sculpted look of Drumdar. The Reet's Retreat bar building dominates the central area of Last Ditch at (1206,2794).

The Dance Club Reet's Retreat

Last Ditch has a prison in the city, and a large city wall. Two player cities rise high above the city. Slightly outside the city, a Rubi-Ka Ergo can be found at (1500,2715) in a small alcove in the plateau that surrounds Last Ditch.

As with the other Neutral cities, in 29476 the ICC placed emergency Peacekeeping forces into Last Ditch to help protect its citizens from undue military attention. There is a question about the safety of Last Ditch in the Neutral community given that it is still guarded by ICC Peacekeepers and its proximity to Borealis and its Omni-Tek forces.

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
20 - 30 1700, 3100 Hells Courtyard
15 - 25 2300, 2860 Pondus Beach
15 - 30 1700, 2780 Hound Land
20 - 40 1980, 2780 Hound Notum Field
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
20 - 30 1700, 1940 East Mutie
12 - 30 1340, 1220 Omni Outpost
20 - 30 660, 1180 South Mutie
30 - 60 2260, 1140 The Beach