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The Trading Post of 20K

20K is a Neutral aligned trading post in the northern reaches of Pleasant Meadows. This trading post is under the protection and watchful eye of Omni-Tek just as is Harry's. It offers extensive Services, and Hunting Grounds are often nearby, whatever the player's level.


20K is an interesting story of persistence, and looks to be a fairly recent development. The outpost was started by Milo Chatter and was heavily besieged by Mutants and other monsters before he requested the aid of Omni-Tek who helped to clear the area. This allowed the outpost to service more of the small towns and camps in the area without major fear of being overrun.

The outpost shares many common features with with salvage cities like Meetmedere and the cob cities like Sabulum. The main buildings of 20K are made in the salvage materials style that often times have worn and fading Omni-Tek propaganda on them, but the smaller, out laying buildings that seem to be dwellings are whiter and show similar characteristics to those found on the edge of Meetmedere or in Last Ditch.

20k shares many similar characteristics to Harry's in terms of their relationship with Omni-Tek.

While many ICC Peacekeepers were deployed all around the Neutral Cities on Rubi-Ka for protection against partisan conflict, only two soldiers were deployed to 20K. This seems to be less of a problem for 20K since several warbot charging stations can be seen around the town, complete with war bots.

Present Day[edit]

Armed Convoy at (1089,2349)

Many Neutrals are not aware that 20K is actually a Neutral city because of its remote location and placement on the Omni-Tek Whompah network. The city is fairly dirty and far removed from most Neutral lands.


  • Whompahs run to Omni Entertainment, Aurum in 4 Holes, Outpost 10-3 on the Omni Network at (1242,2307)
  • A Neutral basic store is available at (1155,2330) with a sign that says 'Shops' and another that says 'Supplies'.
  • Neutral advanced at (1150,2350) with a sign that says 'Shops' near it.
  • Neutral special shop that feature vehicles and other novelties can be found at (1190,2350).
  • Neutral Tailor at (1150,2312)
  • Advanced quality armor merchant shop at (1165,2348) between the two comprehensive shops.
  • Basic tradeskill components merchant near Milo Chatter at (1223,2325) sells a random variety of tradeskill components.
  • Bank terminal at 1244, 2390
  • Mission terminals at 1225, 2391

Sights to See[edit]

  • There is a pool of green, glowing, toxic goo near the whompahs at (1277,2300)
  • A convoy of three large vehicles can be seen outside the city at (1089,2349).
Milo Chatter


  • Milo Chatter is the founder of the outpost and can be found at (1234,2315) near the whompas. He has some interesting things to say about the area, but unlike what his name would suggest, the trader doesn't talk excessively.

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