The main, southern part of Outpost 2HO in Stret East Bank. Click to view full size. The Grid exit is visible to the lower right. Wompahs are in the center at top, and the gate is to the left of the whompahs
The northern portion of the Outpost 2HO base. Click to view full size. As with the Grid exit in the southern base, the area immediately surrounding the ferry terminal is safe for Clan

A PvP zone within Stret East Bank, with OT whompahs leading to the Biomare complex in The Longest Road, 4 Holes, and Outpost 10-3. The Whompahs are fifty yards to the east and ten yards south of a Grid exit. Within the playfield zone, and encircling both the Whompahs and the Grid exit, is the Omni-Tek Outpost of 2HO

Although the grid exit area itself is almost completely safe, the whompahs and the rest of the base is a dangerous place for low level Clans; Omni guards with a tendency to teleport to those they are pursuing abound.

One guard is usually posted a foot away from the Longest Road whompah, the center of the three. Approximately 3 high level Omni Pol XS, and one level 90 Omni Guard, are posted immediately outside the gate out of the base. In amongst them are Omni NPCs, who will not attack: level 80-100 OT Advanced Attack Trainers. A Corporal and Huntsman and more Omni Pol XS are scattered along the road out of the base and the road to the north; a sharp turn to the right (South) when exiting will avoid them.

Huntsman guards will attack and pursue at a greater distance than the other guards, even characters in Yalmahas.

The area is surrounded by water on two sides and walled off on the other two sides, with only a narrow gateway leading into the main zone. The stone cliffs to the east have a ravine through them, so there is no need to go around if wishing to go further into the main zone, once the exact location of the gap is known.

Omni Shops are right behind the Whompahs, and in certain situations, but not often, might offer a preferable line of retreat from the guards. They offer the usual services: terminals accessible to Omni and Neutral characters, and Tradeskill terminals accessible to all three Sides.

The road from the southern base continues north to a secondary base, which is focused more on supplies and transport. Some form of intel-gathering or communications devices are at each of the western corners of the base. Armed transports wait on the tarmac in the middle of the base, and two jetties jut out from the south of the base, with cranes ready to load supplies onto the jetties from the ships docked at them. Ferry hovercraft are usually docked at these jetties. The ferry terminal is on the westernmost jetty, and no guards are near it. There is a non-functional ferry terminal on the eastern jetty.