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Magma fills the moat around the castle

An isolated zone in the far northwest of Rubi-Ka, Clan-controlled. It borders only one zone, Wailing Wastes. The skeletons of trees stand unearthly still in an windless rocky landscape that varies in topography from flat plains to ravines and arroyos, wound through with magma pits and cauldrons, the lava cooled dark as blood. The dark garnet-brown stone and the solid chunky architecture, and the brightly colored heraldic banners of the city of Camelot and its castle are all at odds with this place.

Whompahs in the city of Camelot lead to Wailing Wastes and Bliss (in The Longest Road). An unusually high Computer Literacy skill, 450, is required to use the Grid exit to Camelot. Camelot Castle is west of the whompahs; further southwest are the Westgate, grid exit, and mission booths.

The Dragon Tarasque can be encountered here, in Camelot Castle.

Omni-Tek's Juggernaut in Borealis; one of these war machines patrols in the southern OT base

An Omni base that is the target of the Sentinel Armor and Clan Tower Weapons Missions lies to the south. The Omni-Pol Command Juggernaut that drops the main ingredient for the Anti-Gravity Unit is also found there at 1850 x 1250.

The Westgate out of Camelot; Castle in the background

Two fields of Carbonrich Rocks of average to below average quality can be found here; one in the far south, at 1700 x 750, is guarded by Nanofreaks, and the other is at the Notum Tree (follow the link, or see below).

The mid-level of the three Cyborg strongholds, Cyborg Citadel, is in the northwest. Not to be confused with the Cyborg Barracks in Tir County.

There are no Dyna Camps in Avalon.

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
100-150 2740, 4260 Griffon Frontier
80-110 540, 4180 Draught
70-95 1740, 3460 Dreadfire Volcano
80-120 2780, 3420 Northeast Barren Lands
60-90 580, 3140 Western Desert
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
50-75 2420, 1900 Waylander Mines
70-100 1860, 1700 North of Main Omni Base
61-82 460, 1380 Dome Ore
100-150 2700, 620 Crystal Forge Volcano
100-150 660, 460 SW Low Plateau

Map and Navigation[edit]

Map - Avalon Map requirement: 350
Players may buy the map upgrade 'Map - Avalon', to enable them to see all features of this zone on the PF Map. The Map Navigation skill requirement to upload this map is 350.

Camelot Castle[edit]

The Notum Tree[edit]

The Notum Tree: Mission location and Carbonrich Rock field

The Notum Tree location is part of the Rubi-Ka Tours Mission to find data discs, which is a prerequisite for Sergeant Marion Sweet's Mission, which gives the sought-after reward Prototype Cyborg Token Board, with +12 Treatment and other bonuses. (Prototype Cyborg Token Board on Auno).



Cyborg Citadel[edit]

To the west and a little north of Camelot


Map of the part of Avalon in which the Tower Weapons Mission is completed. Note one of the Organization Cities, in green, now removed from game

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