Enigma Dogs


Kill 5 balls with charmed Enigma Dog.

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 175 - 220

Difficulty: Extremely Easy


The eccentric Omni-Tek trade mogul Cornelius Galway has, in a fit of inspiration, decided to start a business venture selling trained pet enigma dogs. To get his business started, though, he needs individuals to aid in the training of said dogs, and has subcontracted this task via the Agency.

After talking to Enigma Dog Trainer, mission will be:

Go north and charm one of the Enigma Dogs. Using your newly charmed pet, attack five of the ball constructs in the area - Once you have accomplished this, the dog will have received its basic training.

If you are a Bureaucrat, you may use a normal charm nanoprogram - If you are not, you will need to use the Charged Nano Critter (Temporary Charm Enigma Dog).

Once you have completed this task, you will become a certified Enigma Dog Trainer! After this you may return to the Braindog Trainer in Belial Forest to receive a permanent Enigma Dog pet of your very own.


As with all daily missions, completing Enigma Dogs will yield a substantial amount of xp, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


Make your way to Belial Forest via Fixer Grid, or by taking a whompah to Wine in Belial Forest. Make your way to the mission marker to talk to The Enigma Dog Trainer, where he will give you a charming tool and a new mission marker to the Enigma Dogs. Begin flying northwards, when to get next the location, repeatedly pressing the tab key to search for Enigma Dogs. Once you locate an Enigma Dog, use your tool to charm the Dog. You can charm up to two pets. Use pet commands to attack the Balls roaming around. Note that the swamp wargs in the vicinity will attack you should they be caught in the AOE-charge attack of your Enigma Dog.

After you have killed 5 balls, you can optionally go back to the trainer (/waypoint 531.6, 867.3, 605 ) and get your very own Nano Crystal (Trained Enigma Dog) for 30,000 credits. Remember to also return to your Mission Agency to claim your reward.

Difficulty: Extremely Easy

Approximate time taken for run: About 15-20 minutes.

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