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This is a list of all obtainable grafts in the game and a summary of what they do, and what the requirements are to use them. All these grafts can be hacked using a Hacker Tool; this removes the profession requirement on the item.

The nano cast by grafts is exactly the same regardless of the graft QL. What changes is the skill lock time. Grafts of higher level are able to be used more often, to the extent of being able to retain their buffs continuously, or merely to use their nanos often, in the case of instantaneous nanos like Heals and Roots.

Obtaining Grafts[edit]

Grafts can only be bought in the Smuggler's Den, where they are sold by the Den Smuggler Broker (location x=48, z=182). They can be obtained as random loot.

He will despawn every twenty minutes and respawn twenty minutes later. Each time he spawns, his inventory will be randomised, offering a small selection of all possible grafts listed below.


Nano Name Effect Skill Reqs Skill Lock
Armor Class (ACs)
Protection/128289/ {{{3}}}|Wilderness Protection}} 144 all ACs MC/MM 204 MC
Defensive Screen/128281/ {{{3}}}|Lesser Defensive Screen}} 189 all ACs MC 271/MM 271 MC
Reflect Shields
Deflection Shield (Extended)/128179/ {{{3}}}|Partial Deflection Shield (Extended)}} 10% Dmg Reflect/Max 2 Reflect MC 46/TS 36 TS
Harmonic Cocoon/128175/ {{{3}}}|Partial Harmonic Cocoon}} 10% Dmg Reflect/Max 3 Reflect MC 148/TS 148 TS
Deflection Shield (Extended)/128187/ {{{3}}}|Minor Deflection Shield (Extended)}} 12% Dmg Reflect/Max 4 Reflect MC 95/TS 74 TS
Deflection Shield (Extended)/128199/ {{{3}}}|Lesser Deflection Shield (Extended)}} 13% Dmg Reflect/Max 7 Reflect MC 153/TS 123 TS
Damage Shields
With Snow/128159/ {{{3}}}|Frost With Snow}} 3 Dmg Shield + 20 Absorb cold MC 53/MM 53 MM
Chastiser/128147/ {{{3}}}|Electrical Chastiser}} 4 Dmg Shield + 100 energy AC MC 114/MM 114 MM
of Sparks/128139/ {{{3}}}|Field of Sparks}} 5 Dmg Shield + 60 energy AC + 73 Max Health MC 107/MM 107 MM
Retaliatory Barrier/128143/ {{{3}}}|Lesser Retaliatory Barrier}} 7 Dmg Shield + 110 Rad AC MC 187/MM 187 MM
Retribution/128095/ {{{3}}}|Glowing Retribution}} 8 Dmg Shield + 75 energy AC + 99 Max Health MC 143/MM 143 MM
of Fire/128151/ {{{3}}}|Cloak of Fire}} 15 Dmg Shield + 60 absorb fire MC 188/MM 188 MM
Damage Buffs
Augmentation Cloud/128325/ {{{3}}}|Hasty Augmentation Cloud}} 10 All Dmg Types MM 208/SI 208 SI
Touch/128337/ {{{3}}}|Healing Touch}} 181-379 Heal BM 126/SI 216 BM
Heal/128123/ {{{3}}}|Lasting Heal}} 10-21 Heal 28 ticks at 5s BM 79/MM 66/TS 66 BM
Circle/128079/ {{{3}}}|Blood Circle}} 67-171 Heal all team members - 4 heal delta BM 128/MM 108 BM
Suspect/128171/ {{{3}}}|Detain Suspect}} Roots Target PM 22/TS 22 PM
Feet/127659/ {{{3}}}|Leaden Feet}} Roots Target PM 35/SI 35 PM
of Stone/128163/ {{{3}}}|Feet of Stone}} Roots Target MC 74/MM 74 MC
Paralyze with Indecision/128167/ {{{3}}}|Lesser Paralyze with Indecision}} Roots Target PM/SI 159 PM
Playful Cub/128353/ {{{3}}}|Lesser Playful Cub}} Wolf Morph BM 237/MM 212/SI 212 BM
Sparrow Flight/128345/ {{{3}}}|Lesser Sparrow Flight}} Reet Morph BM 133/MM 112/SI 112 BM
Senses/125882/ {{{3}}}|Enhanced Senses}} +15 Sense BM 134/PM 134 BM


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