Guard Duty (Omni)


Kill 10 Female Watchers at Sentinals

Faction: Neutral and Omni

Level: 110+


Nano pirates, people known to deal with shady, black market nano programs, often take refuge in the small towns of Rubi-Ka to stay under the radar and ply their trade.

Business is good, but the risks are high, and more and more officials have been patrolling lately, keeping a sharp eye open for under-the-table deals. Needless to say this is bad for business... which is where you come in.

You have been commisioned to weaken the defense of Sentinels or another clan city by killing 10 Watcher Guards.

Be careful: After engaging in combat with a guard you will be open to attack by anyone for an amount of time.


  • Variable XP
  • Mission tokens
  • Variable Victory points


When talking to John Smith ask You got anything more tailored for me? and you might get this mission. To get there take the Grid to Sentinels in Mort located on top level. The suppression in the area is 75% which is safe from PvP. The guards you looking for are around hill to the south. Even though the description does not say it, only Female Watchers count towards the mission. Male Watchers do not at this time.

Message is displayed after each qualifying watcher is vanquished indicating how many guards you have left to go. Guard levels vary from 117 to 134. They spawn quickly so do not worry about the lack of qualifying guards.

You have to kill 9 more Female Watcher to fulfill one of your missions!

Female watcher2.jpgFemale watcher.jpg