Interception is a daily mission that requires you to kill "OT Gridcourier" in Avalon

Agency Old Athen

Confirmed Level 184


Rumors say that corporate leaders utilize exceptionally quick runners to ship secret information from one pocket to another. You're commissioned to intercept the messenger before he reaches the well protected Main OTAF Base in Avalon.

We believe that the messenger uses the old unicorn grid to travel. The coordinates for the main OTAF Base in Avalon is included in the mission information.


  • Kill OT Gridcourier


XP and Mission Tokens *2


  1. Travel to location in Avalon
  2. Wait and the OT Gridcourier will appear.
  3. Follow her outside and attack.
  4. She will stop and fight back.
  5. After defeating her, you get your reward.

Note: A 15 minute PvP Enabled will start in your NCU, which flags you as being PvP enabled in all zones making susceptible to attacks from other players.

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