Jewelry (Daily Mission)

This is about the Agency mission to cut five gems. For the process of cutting the gems that can be set in rings, see Gem Cutting. For the process of making the rings from metal, see Filigree Rings. For the process of smelting down metal from rings and other loot, see Precious Metal. For the process of assembling the ultimate product, see Jewellery
Old picture of Mr. Carlsberg, from before the Agency was created

Gems drop well in Biomare, notably from Bloaters and Floaters. The Backyard bosses or any Dyna Camp Boss can drop gems.

Lower quality gems are easier to cut, though, and the Backyards are fast kills but a very low drop rate, so Spiders or Blubbags might be a preferable option. Blubbags have by far the lowest fast-spawning Dyna Camp: a level 18 in Aegean.


Collect gems, cut them with the provided Jensen Gem Cutter, and give them one by one to Mr. Carlsberg, the bearded gentleman in white in the southwest corner of the big entrance hall of the Agency. Once five gems have been handed in, the mission is complete

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 50-74

Difficulty: Varies, potentially easy

Time: 10 min to 1 hour


Our client Collects perfectly cut Rubi-ka jewels.

You're commissioned to collect 5 raw jewels, use a Jensen Gem Cutter to cut them, then deliver them to our client, Mr Carlsberg, in a perfectly cut shape.

Jewels can be found all over Rubi-Ka, but reports say they have been fequently found in the Biomare Facility.


  • Substantial XP
  • Mission tokens


See Gem Cutting

Jensen Gem Cutter and uncut gem in inventory, left click on the gem cutter so it is on the cursor. Hold down shift and right click on the gem

Jensen Gem Cutter + Ember = Perfectly Cut Ember Skills: ME, Agility
Jensen Gem Cutter Ember Perfectly Cut Ember QL x 5, 1.9
  • Blue Pearl
  • Cold Stone
  • Crystal Sphere
  • Ember Sphere
  • Ember
  • Gem
  • Hot Stone
  • Pearl of Rubi-Ka
  • Ruby
  • Rubi-Ka Ruby
  • Silver Onyx
  • Silver Pearl
  • Soul Fragment
  • Spring Crystal

Carlsberg hands a new gem cutter to the player each time a gem is handed in, except the last gem. This is deleted if the player already has a gemcutter. The gemcutters sell for a little over 100 credits, and there is a shop Kiosk just to the north of him.