One Foggy Hill

Kill 3 Dark Enigmas in Pleasant Meadows, a little to the southwest of the southeast Fixer Grid exit at 2390 640.


Agency Both

Level 2- 20, 100, 134 - 149

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 15-30


The Enigma has always been and are most probably always going to be a mystery to mankind.

Several scientists have studied these creatures that only exist on Rubi-Ka, but never fully or even partly understood what they're all about. Not quite animal, but certainly not plant, they mostly keep to themselves in the great forests on the planet. Though as it is with all life, everything has a backside.
There has been a rift between the Enigmas. Dark enigma is turning on their own, killing the sustainable yet fragile sprouts.

Visit one of the foggy rock shrines in Pleasant Meadows, many dark enigma gather here.

Save the sprouts. Kill 3 Dark Enigmas.


  • Variable XP
  • Mission tokens * 2


There is no indication that saving more than one Sprout is even a secondary objective, in pure game mechanics terms; however, one must survive to be targeted (Tab will suffice) at the end. The Dark Enigmas will continue to attack the Sprouts a little after being attacked, but aggro management might reap some benefits, as they hit quite hard.

For Clan, considering how many teleports are needed to get to 20K and, it may well be a tiny bit faster to simply use the Steps of Madness teleport and then go northeast. Steps of Madness is also a little closer than the distance from 20K.