One Green Hill


One Green Hill is a daily mission that requires you to kill 3 Ferocious Ottous in The Longest Road


The Ottous has always been peaceful creatures, herded by the Yuttos on Rubi-Ka. Many people have tried to take advantage of the Ottous for the protein rich milk they produce, but as soon these bulky animals are captured they stop producing milk. Scientists have studied this phenomenon, but never fully or even partly understood why the Yuttos are herding them as Yuttos seem to eat only various plants and seeds. Recent experiments have created a separate branch of the Ottous, ferocious beasts turning on their own.

Visit one of the green hill tops in The Longest Road and locate a log. The Ferocious Ottous often gather there.

Save the Bulky Ottous. Kill 3 Ferocious Ottous.


  • Kill 3 Ferocious Ottous
  • Target Bulky Ottous




The Ottous camp is located at 2693x939 in The Longest Road. Upon entering the blue circle on top of the hill 4 mobs will spawn, 3 Ferocious Ottous and 1 Bulky Ottous. After killing the three Ferocious Ottous, the mission will update to a target mission. Now you have only 1 minute to target Bulky Ottous.

Player Requirement[edit]