Patch 18.1

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18.1 - Release Notes[edit]

New to 18.1[edit]

  • New social items added to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Anarchy Online
  • Challenge a new instanced version of Pandemonium with your organization or raid.
  • New instanced player cities are now available for organizations that do not already own a city. To claim a city plot enter the Serenity Islands door in ICC. Player markets will not be available in the new cities.
  • City upkeep will now be deducted directly from the Organization Bank. **IMPORTANT: Cities in debt at the time of the update will be destroyed. To keep your city please make sure your upkeep is paid before the update.**
  • A new super-luxury orbital residence is now available for purchase. Purchase is available for paid points or credits at the Phasefront platform on Newland lake. For a limited time the Phasefront Classic - Charon vehicle is included with the purchase of the Luxury Residence.
  • Map Navigation skill will now be resetable. Reseting this skill will remove your current maps and map upgrades.
  • Target NCU window. See your hostile nanos running on your target (with restrictions on which ones you can see).
  • Split the default new player chat window into default (system/vicinity etc) & combat tabs.
  • Right click names in chat to get new ignore option for offending players.
  • Client side chat filter added to empower players to combat spam on their own terms.
  • Mouse targetting improvements. It will now be easier to target small/fast moving things/players.
  • Hotbar timers on skill-locked items (including shadowbreed). Timers also work in the programs and controls windows.
  • Added /duel draw. Currently neither of the participants get a loss for using draw.
  • Added battlestation chat channel(s).
  • Added support for custom guis outside the 'Guis\Default' directory (we still don't give any customer support on third party GUIs though).
  • Changes made to Legacy of the Xan - Area X to endorse team work.
  • Phasefront Jubilee - "The Bunny" and - "The Eightball" added to the paid-point vendor. "The Eightball" is also available from the Veteran Rewards Vendor.
  • New option to hide nanos in programs window. You can add back hidden nanos using the 'show hidden' option is in the 'i' menu of the nano window.
  • New facepalm emote added to properly express dissatisfaction on elements of this list that do not work properly on Patch Day.

Preliminary (not set in stone) "Balancing Efforts"[edit]

to basic systems (AS, FA, healing and specials etc.) will be coming in the near future so all individual profession changes should be viewed as small and possibly temporary parts of larger changes to come.

  • Bureaucrat Stun research procs are now roots as opposed to stuns and Nanodamage modifier research procs changed from 8 to 200% for 8 seconds.
  • Attack Rating of Anti-Personnel Vehicles increased significantly.
  • Pistol perk lines boosted and opened up for more professions.
  • Improvement to "Blunt" perk lines.
  • Adjustments made to Fixer perk lines.
  • New perk line for Ranged Adventurers.
  • New tradeskills available to improve some "Xan" weapons. (Components are available in standard tradeskill shops.)

Other Improvements[edit]

  • Adjustments made to the Bazzit Quest Line to prevent players from having to petition when losing a quest.
  • Improvements made to Peacekeeper Constad quest line to prevent players from having to petition when losing a quest.
  • Behaviour changes to Scheol and Elysium quest monsters to avoid them getting lost/unavailable.
  • Arul Saba Bracelets have been renamed individually for clarity and ease of search.
  • New chat command Waypoint command available.(/waypoint x z playfield#)
  • Heavy Patrollers in Sector 42 should now longer summon/warp players away from their groups or out of coccoons.
  • Immunity Laser fence buff in Sector 42 should now be 10 minutes in duration to prevent termination during LDs of raid members.
  • The NanoAC debuff of Overwhelming Storm, Incessant Fury and Distracting Shower should now stack correctly.

18.1.1 Hotfix Release Notes[edit]

  • Personal research and perks should no longer vanish from characters.
  • Old apartments should once again be accesible through the correct door.
  • Right-Clicking the target NCU window now requires holding the ALT key even the window is visible. (For concistency)


  • Mouse-Look should once again work correctly when using the middle mouse button.
  • Tool-tips should no longer prevent scrolling of the shortcut bar.
  • Target NCU window should no longer revert to list mode on log-in.
  • Shadowbreed icons should now correctly have a timer on the shortcut bar.
  • Player city grid destination should no longer display as "unknown playfield".
  • Jobe Modified Unlearning Device is no longer No-Drop or Unique and can be purchased for significantly lower costs and sold by high computer literacy professions.
  • Elysium quest NPCs should now correctly have blue names and a 6 minute grace period if they are attackable.
  • Beast Room raid locks should now apply correctly when entering the instance.
  • Respawn of boss monsters (ie: The Beast, Zodiacs) should no longer happen in locked instances.
  • Adonis Key quest npcs should now drop "the note" with the same percentage chance for both Redeemed and Unredeemed factions.
  • Peach Adonis Recollection Shard, Purple Adonis Recollection Shard,Green Adonis Recollection Shard required in the Adonis "Syndicate Brain Line" of missions should now drop with a significantly higher drop rate.
  • Cell Templates, Mitochondria Samples and Plasmid Cultures should now have their own recognizable icons.
  • Experience Construct and Advanced Experience Construct are now No-Drop.
  • Protection buffs gained from using "Crystals" inside the LOX Vortexx instance should now have a 30 second duration (increased from 8) to decrease the number of failures to get immunity due to mistimed use.
  • Kyr'Ozch Bio-Materials - Type 18, 34, 812, 687, 295, 468, 64, 935, 328 should now have a new icon to make them visually different from Solid Clump of Biomaterial.
  • The following weapon procs should now show in the Hostile Target NCU window:
Dreadloch Shen Sticks, heal/nano init debuff
Dreadloch Remodulator, AAD debuff
Dreadloch Combat Remodulator, Evades debuff
Dreadloch Modified Shark, runspeed debuff
Dreadloch Obliterator, init debuffs
Dreadloch Rapier, AC debuff
Dreadloch Tigress, nano/nano dmg debuff
Amplified Kyr'Ozch Carbine - Type 12, DoT
Honed Edge of Tarasque, DoT
Vektor ND Grand Wyrm, ADD debuff + self Heal
  • Devastating Blow and Bring the Pain should once again function correctly and correctly display in the Hostile Target NCU window.
  • Devastating Blow and Bring the Pain are no longer part of a chain and can be used independantly.
  • Power of Light and Devastating Blow descriptions changed to more accurately reflect the effects of these specials.