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Oudated-clock.png Warning! This article is severely outdated and contains information relevant to a much older version of the game.

Backyards are an old term that came from Text based 'MUDs' that were similar to MMORPGs in all ways but graphics, but the term carried over. There two major training areas where players can start the game in, and there are also the remains of the older faction backyards for players who wants a nostalgia trip or who left the training areas too quickly.

ICC Shuttleport

Your shuttle from the Morning Star Space Station has been intercepted and shot down by aliens! You wash up on the shore of an island only to find a conflict raging between the people on the island and the alien invaders. A proper introduction to Rubi-Ka and the world of Anarchy Online: you must battle your way through the dangers of the island and prove your worth to the people there to gain access to the Whompah and reach the mainland.

A guide and walkthrough for this starting area can found found at: ICC Shuttleport.

Nascence Training Grounds

After leaving the Morning Star Space Station, you were taken through a swirling portal of light to a land unlike any other. The Shadowlands, dangerous and beautiful, are a dimension that sits next to Rubi-Ka and contains many secrets about the origins of Notum, the conflict with the Kyr'ozch, and even the beginnings of life itself. To start your journey you will take part in some experiments administered by the scientists of Jobe to test your body and mind against the dangers found in this brave new world.

A guide and walkthrough of this starting area can be found at: Nascence Training Grounds

Faction Backyards

The city backyards used to be where new players would appear on Rubi-Ka, but they were superseded by the Newbie Island when the Alien Invasion expansion was released. They still contain the old training grounds features, but nowadays they only serve as a gathering place for players.


The Clan backyard is a small park filled with low level monsters like reets, leets and rollerats, the only really useful things in here are the peddler and the backyard boss (the glowing salamander) which drops a few useful items. Clan Backyards are found in Old Athens under the name of apartment complexes.


The Omni-Tek backyard is a modern Holo-World forest, filled with similar monsters as found in the other two backyards. This backyard is the smallest of the three faction backyards. These backyards are found in Rome with the doors labeled 'Highrise'


The Neutral backyard is a junkyard that contains a few robots and mutants along with the basic leets and rats. It is the largest backyard, though has the same shops as the other two. Neutral backyards are found in Newland City and Borealis