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This list shows all nanos that cannot be bought in the shop terminal or get as mission reward'.

Most nanos are rare dyna or bossloot. Some of them can be obtained through Quests or from a special outdoor boss.


Once bereft of rare Nanos, Adventurers came to have as many or more than anyone else. The number has been reduced with the changes to animal morphs.

Anger of the Porcupine Ballad of the Desperado Ballad of the Pistolero Ballad of the Plains Wanderer Bite of the Wind Blur of Claws Boon of the Ranger Boon of the Wanderer Corrosive Cloud Dance of the Dervish Dichotomy of Nature Division of the Winds Fangs of the Snake Feline Rage Flamespout Freedom of the Ranger Freedom of the Wanderer Frenzy of Fur Friend of the Wild Gaze of the Hunter Greater Lick Wounds Howl of the Wolf Kin of Tarasque Leader of the Pack Leetas Friend Lesser Lick Wounds Lick Wounds Serene Sky Stare of Cerberus Stormedge Superior Lick Wounds Thorn of the Rose Toothy Grin Tranquility of the Vale Vision of the Wolf Vengeance of Nature Zephyr from the Grove


Many Nanos added to Dynas

Absolute Concentration Blanket of Shadows Cloak of Night Close Escape Delay the Inevitable Demolish Shackles Detain Suspect Dire Circumstance Enhanced Sureshot Enhanced Trueshot Evade the Chase Form of The Executioner Gnat's Wing Guidance of The Executioner Jail Break Meld With Background Path of The Executioner Shatter Chains Steps of The Executioner Utter Concentration


Icon Name Comment
Carlo Pinnetti {{{3}}}|Associate}} (Carlo Pinnetti) Bossdrop from Urqhart The Absorber
Psionic nanos
Improved Cut Red Tape Cut Red Tape/222695/ {{{3}}}|Improved Cut Red Tape}} SL chest loot
Nano delta buffs
Soothing Calm Soothing Calm/222853/ {{{3}}}|Improved Soothing Calm}} SL chest loot
Bot Reproduction Bot Reproduction/222857/ {{{3}}}|Improved Bot Reproduction}} SL chest loot


Icon Name Comment
Heal delta buffs
Continuous Reconstruction Continuous Reconstruction/222824/ {{{3}}}|Improved Continuous Reconstruction}} SL chest loot
Hearty Constitution Hearty Constitution/222855/ {{{3}}}|Improved Hearty Constitution}} SL chest loot
Nano resist buffs
Improved Nano Repulsor Nano Repulsor/222823/ {{{3}}}|Improved Nano Repulsor}} SL chest loot
Doctor initiative buffs
Improved Instinctive Control Instinctive Control/222856/ {{{3}}}|Improved Instinctive Control}} SL chest loot
Divest and Plander Resist
Vaccine of Ransacking of Ransacking/204425/ {{{3}}}|Vaccine of Ransacking}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Vaccine of Deprivation of Deprivation/204427/ {{{3}}}|Vaccine of Deprivation}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Vaccine of Plundering of Plandering/204429/ {{{3}}}|Vaccine of Plandering}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Vaccine of Divestiture of Divestiture/204431/ {{{3}}}|Vaccine of Divestiture}} Dyna/Boss Loot


Icon Name Comment
1h and 2h blunt and edged buffs
Skill of the Highlander of the Highlander/202832/ {{{3}}}|Skill of the Highlander}}  


Icon Name Comment
Beacon Warp
Team Beacon Warp Beacon Warp/154913/ {{{3}}}|Team Beacon Warp}} Bossdrop from Polymorphed Lunatic
Shield of the Obedient Servant
Shield of the Obedient Servant of the Obedient Servant/202260/ {{{3}}}|Shield of the Obedient Servant}} Bossdrop from Obediency Enforcer


Icon Name Comment
Grid Armor
Summon Grid Armor Mk IV Grid Armor Mk IV/155189/ {{{3}}}|Summon Grid Armor Mk IV}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Summon Grid Armor Mk III Grid Armor Mk III/155187/ {{{3}}}|Summon Grid Armor Mk III}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Summon Grid Armor Mk II Grid Armor Mk II/155188/ {{{3}}}|Summon Grid Armor Mk II}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Summon Grid Armor Mk I Grid Armor Mk I/155186/ {{{3}}}|Summon Grid Armor Mk I}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Evade Debuff
Luck's Capricious Consequence Capricious Consequence/260765/ {{{3}}}|Luck's Capricious Consequence}} Inferno Quest Stephen Richards - Chimera Hunt
Hack Grid Data Stream (Team) Grid Data Stream (Team)/160982/ {{{3}}}|Hack Grid Data Stream (Team)}} Team Fixer Grid Mission
Hack Grid Data Stream Grid Data Stream/160979/ {{{3}}}|Hack Grid Data Stream}} Fixer Grid Mission
Damage boost
117954.gif Advanced Augmentation Cloud/222839/ {{{3}}}|Improved Advanced Augmentation Cloud}} SL chest loot
Long HOT
Dr Hack 'n Quack Hack 'n Quack/162734/ {{{3}}}|Dr Hack 'n Quack}} the whole line is Dyna/Boss Loot
NCU Buffs
Sentient Viral Recoder Viral Recoder/163095/ {{{3}}}|Sentient Viral Recoder}} the whole line is Dyna/Boss Loot
SMG and Burst Buffs
Frenzy of Shells of Shells/162494/ {{{3}}}|Frenzy of Shells}} the whole line is Dyna/Boss Loot
Snare Reducer (Self)
Luck's Lost Twin Lost Twin/203603/ {{{3}}}|Luck's Lost Twin}} the whole line is Dyna/Boss Loot
Snare Reducer (Other)
Fortune's Smile Smile/203984/ {{{3}}}|Fortune's Smile}} the whole line is Dyna/Boss Loot
Root Reducer (Self)
Master Escapologist Escapologist/203813/ {{{3}}}|Master Escapologist}} the whole line is Dyna/Boss Loot
Rubi-Ka Team Speed Buffs
Gridspace Freedom (Team) Freedom (Team)/162595/ {{{3}}}|Gridspace Freedom (Team)}} the whole line is Dyna/Boss Loot


Icon Name Comment
Off-Def Aura
Imminence of Carnage of Carnage/210681/ {{{3}}}|Imminence of Carnage}}  
Strength and Stamina Buff
Guardian of Might Of Might/211162/ {{{3}}}|Guardian Of Might}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Evade Buff
Elude Pain Pain/211170/ {{{3}}}|Elude Pain}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Fast Attack Buff
Fervor of the Zealot of the Zealot/210331/ {{{3}}}|Fervor of the Zealot}} Dyna/Boss Loot

Martial Artist

Icon Name Comment
Presence of the Master of the Master/162837/ {{{3}}}|Presence of the Master}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Presence of the Overlord of the Overlord/162839/ {{{3}}}|Presence of the Overlord}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Presence of the Dominator of the Dominator/162841/ {{{3}}}|Presence of the Dominator}} Dyna/Boss Loot


Icon Name Comment
Summon The Rihwen The Rihwen/254859/ {{{3}}}|Summon The Rihwen}} Bossdrop from Urqhart The Absorber
Saemus' Crystalizer Crystalizer/206752/ {{{3}}}|Saemus' Crystalizer}} Drop in the Inner Sanctum
Lien's Crystalizer Crystalizer/204828/ {{{3}}}|Lien's Crystalizer}} Drop in the Temple of Three Winds
Pet Root Breaker
Modulate Manifestation Manifestation/203607/ {{{3}}}|Modulate Manifestation}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Succor of Expediuum of Expediuum/203609/ {{{3}}}|Succor of Expediuum}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Pet Damage Boost's
Evocation of Maddening Wrath of Maddening Wrath/205187/ {{{3}}}|Evocation of Maddening Wrath}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Evocation of Pure Malevolence of Pure Malevolence/205189/ {{{3}}}|Evocation of Pure Malevolence}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Evocation of The Abomination of The Abomination/205193/ {{{3}}}|Evocation of The Abomination}} Dyna/Boss Loot


Icon Name Comment
Corruption of The Pest of The Pest/201933/ {{{3}}}|Corruption of The Pest}} Bossdrop from The Pest
Candycane {{{3}}}|Candycane}} Bossdrop from Ljotur the Lunatic
Resonance Blast Blast/201935/ {{{3}}}|Resonance Blast}} Bossdrop from Special Agent Lamb
Kel's Neutronium Plaything Neutronium Plaything/28620/ {{{3}}}|Kel's Neutronium Plaything}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Izgimmer's Little Nuke Little Nuke/28619/ {{{3}}}|Izgimmer's Little Nuke}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Izgimmer's Last Word Last Word/28618/ {{{3}}}|Izgimmer's Last Word}} Dyna/Boss Loot
39803.gif Disruptor/204293/ {{{3}}}|Gridspace Disruptor}} Dyna/Boss Loot
39803.gif Maelstrom/204295/ {{{3}}}|Gridspace Maelstrom}} Dyna/Boss Loot
39793.gif Gridspace/204297/ {{{3}}}|Fluctuate Gridspace}} Dyna/Boss Loot
45177.gif Gridspace Anomaly/204299/ {{{3}}}|Coherent Gridspace Anomaly}} Dyna/Boss Loot
45178.gif Gridspace Inversion/204301/ {{{3}}}|Partial Gridspace Inversion}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Cellular Re-Structure Re-Structure/254432/ {{{3}}}|Cellular Re-Structure}} Bossdrop from Hezak the Immortal
Poisoned Thorns Thorns/254435/ {{{3}}}|Poisoned Thorns}} Bossdrop from Hezak the Immortal
Frost Blades Blades/254437/ {{{3}}}|Frost Blades}} Bossdrop from Lord Ghasap
Magma Covering Covering/254439/ {{{3}}}|Magma Covering}} Bossdrop from Lord Ghasap
Self Illumination Illumination/254441/ {{{3}}}|Self Illumination}} Bossdrop from Urqhart The Absorber
Nullity Sphere
Nullity Sphere MK II Sphere MK II/150502/ {{{3}}}|Nullity Sphere MK II}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Nanobot shields
Nanobot Shelter Shelter/263265/ {{{3}}}|Nanobot Shelter}} Scheol Quest Jobe Scientists
Notum Overflow Injector Nanobot Shelter/263266/ {{{3}}}|Greater Nanobot Shelter}} Scheol Quest Knowledge of the Yuttos
38860.gif Guard/263177/ {{{3}}}|Nanobot Guard}} Inferno Quest The Anansi
Superior Notum Overflow Injector Shielding/260758/ {{{3}}}|Nanobot Shielding}} Inferno Quest The Anansi
Root breaker
Tear Constraints Constraints/203805/ {{{3}}}|Tear Constraints}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Rend Constraints Constraints/203807/ {{{3}}}|Rend Constraints}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Sunder Constraints Constraints/203809/ {{{3}}}|Sander Constraints}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Lick of the Pest of the Pest/201937/ {{{3}}}|Lick of the Pest}} Bossdrop from The Pest
Izgimmer's Mockery Mockery/150631/ {{{3}}}|Izgimmer's Mockery}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Enfraam's Toolkit Toolkit/201521/ {{{3}}}|Enfraam's Toolkit}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Living Codex of Izgimmer Codex of Izgimmer/201523/ {{{3}}}|Living Codex of Izgimmer}} Dyna/Boss Loot


Backpiercer Backstabber Double Fence Duplex Wall Kiss of the Vampire Master Piercer Puncture of the Tarasque Scrounger Shuffle of the Rogue Touch of the Specter Voice of the Banshee


Icon Name Comment
One Foot in the Grave Foot in the Grave/204305/ {{{3}}}|One Foot in the Grave}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Feelings of Mortality of Mortality/204303/ {{{3}}}|Feelings of Mortality}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Burst Buffs
Power Burst Burst/203131/ {{{3}}}|Power Burst}} Dyna/Boss Loot
The Power of Three Power of Three/203129/ {{{3}}}|The Power of Three}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Full Auto Buffs
Soldier Clip Junkie Clip Junkie/203137/ {{{3}}}|Soldier Clip Junkie}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Metal Barrage Barrage/203139/ {{{3}}}|Metal Barrage}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Metal Strike Strike/203141/ {{{3}}}|Metal Strike}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Metal Storm Storm/203143/ {{{3}}}|Metal Storm}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Hail of Metal of Metal/203145/ {{{3}}}|Hail of Metal}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Shotgun Buffs
Crowd Disperser Disperser/203125/ {{{3}}}|Crowd Disperser}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Swiss Cheese Cheese/203127/ {{{3}}}|Swiss Cheese}} Dyna/Boss Loot
Assault Rifle Buffs
Art of peace of peace/203119/ {{{3}}}|Art of peace}} Dyna/Boss Loot


Icon Name Comment
Root breaker
Writ of the Errant Salesman of the Errant Salesman/203792/ {{{3}}}|Writ of the Errant Salesman}} the whole line is Dyna/Boss Loot
Nanobot Defense
Nanobot Defense Defense/260761/ {{{3}}}|Nanobot Defense}} Inferno Quest The Anansi


  • List: Short and not necessarily up to date list of Nano Programs available only at Dynas