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Dependency values for Nanoskills are (Secondary Ability x .0625) + Intelligence / 5

Secondary abilities:
  • Psychic: Biological Metamorphosis and Matter Metamorphosis
  • Agility: Time and Space
  • Sense: Psychological Modifications
  • Strength: Sensory Improvement
  • Stamina: Matter Creation
Maximum Nanomage dependency benefit at level 200 and max Abilities: BM and MM, 134.4 points
Minimum Atrox dependency benefit at level 200 and max Abilities: BM, MM, and PM, 105 points

Body Development Skill Maximum 600 (Advent, Enforcer, Keeper, Soldier) x 4 (Atrox) = 2400 HP (plus hidden base)

Other professions 540 x 4 = 2160.

600 x 3 (Solitus, Opifex) = 1800. Breed is a greater determination of HP than choosing a tank profession.

Non Atrox characters moved to non-combat roles where possible

April 09[edit]

Been making some scrolling charts and such over at the Wikia copy-paste version of this wiki, will bring those here also, and work here first and then copy-paste back.

� Spot � � Spots � � � � Even more Spots. If someone knows the control keys to make those plz let me know so I can not have to ctrl-c those and can remove this inanity.


March '10-It is clear from articles like Timeline of Anarchy Online history that the creators of this wiki were not averse to an in-universe voice (aka RP). I am going for more and more in-universe material, but it will always be a blend of that and game player information.

The main problem with this wiki so far has been that it lacks links. It seems to have been created by writers who were expert at prose, and had markup skills I will probably never have, but lacking in understanding of the potential of a wiki: that every subject can be related to all other related subjects, making the entire wiki accessible from one page. Key nodes, of course, like the obvious example of the main page, can assist this process, but every word there is an article title for needs to be linked on main pages. Related subjects are linked with pipes x|y , and See Also links to subjects that are related but not covered verbatim in the article, such as the piped ones.

I have done a lot of work on this, but there is still much work to do.

Apologies if someone finds my details, in articles, edit summaries, etc patronizing. For example, listing articles and prepositions. I most definitely do not intend any offense, nor am I judging anyone's intellect, just my estimation of the lowest common denominator of the knowledge of the next random person, who neither you nor I know, who visits the Wiki. No one was born knowing everything; I educate where I can, and only if they refuse to learn do I throw up my hands and deem someone stupid.

Recent Changes x 30 days x 500 edits = Save loading pages

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Would like a section in Implants that deals with the effects of cluster Skills type and position on the ability requirement.

Ability Formula[edit]

This doesn't work yet. I believe it is partly true, but not for the Head. That seems to be tweaked a bit to make Nanoskills easier for breeds other than Nanomage.

Not a true formula, since it is in part intuitive. But there are two basic principles to the derivation of implants' required Abilities that are empirically observable: Prevalence and Repetition. The third principle requires the understanding of how the developers related the individual Skills to the abilities, and that requires rote learning or intuition. Some of them are easy enough. There is usually a clue in what the Dependencies are. Everyone knows, all the Nanoskills are 80% Intelligence. So Nanoskills are always Intelligence. Now we apply Prevalence. A Shining cluster of a Nanoskill will prevail over an

Looking at this list, or at an implant designer like the one at Auno, it is easy to believe that the designation of abilities is just sorcery; arbitrarily chosen attributes kept in a big list of combinations somewhere. It is not, though; there is a method to this madness, & if you know it, it will be a lot easier to come up with ideas for your own implants. See Ability Formula


Intelligence ability and all Nano and Aiding and Tradeskills are Shining Head, and all make for an Agility requirement when that is the only cluster, with the sole exception of Weapon Smithing, which is in the Shining Right Hand, and makes Stamina when that is the only cluster. Same with Bright. Faded all make Intelligence or Psychic requirement.

Psychic can also be made the requirement by adding Intelligence clusters, either at Shining Head or Bright Eye if the final cluster is empty

Maxed out, Opifex spends second to least, for the most points, its points going towards ranged weapons. Atrox spends least, for lowest points, its points going towards melee weapons and health.

  • Atrox : Total points = 4400. Total spent = 1.209.545 . Spent/Points = 274.89659090
  • Nanomage : Total points = 4680. Total spent = 1.336.100 . 285.49145299
  • Opifex : Total points = 4812. Total spent = 1.253.075 . 260.40627597
  • Solitus : Total points = 4572. Total spent = 1.371.732 . 300.02887139

Auno Forever[edit]

AOItems must be used sometimes, obviously. And it is slightly faster to get through a large number of QLs to find Breakpoints. Usually. See #3.

AOItems is so very crap at even attempting to do the job Auno does.

  1. They don't show NODROP flags, ffs.[1]
  2. They don't distinguish between an item usable in either hand and usable in the right hand only or left hand only. WTF is the point of the paper doll if you cannot rely on it to show you equipping locations?
  3. They don't show if an item has a lower QL, if it is named differently at the lower QL.

Cheatin Warp[edit]

There is an exactly (so far, after weeks of missions) 100% correlation (or zero, depending on which way you look at it) between the first mission destination given each day and the current location of your Engineer with Beacon Warp. To be precise: if, eg, the Engineer is at the end of the Longest Road, the first mission always and second mission usually is anything but Distress Signal, including Foreman's Graffiti. If the Engineer is camped at Biomare, missions are anything but Foreman's Graffiti, including Distress Signal. Since the code also abhors a clump of missions in one place, though, it usually becomes quite even by the end of the list of nine alts, and in the end it achieves nothing in the way of difficulty.