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Minibronto, west of Newland Lake
Young Bronto, at the oasis Dyna Camps south of the Newland Desert whompahs

Brontosauri are alive and well and living all over the length and breadth of Rubi-Ka. They are known to the locals as Brontos, and good eats, and to players as a welcome source of XP and the 'Bronto Hide', used to craft fine Bronto Armor and Eyemutant Sinew Armor. Minibrontos also drop Bronto Prime Ribs, and Young Brontos, slabs of suitable Bronto Meat, used in the clan mission Nodda Gregg's Missions. They are Social animals who will rush to each other's defense.

  • Young Brontos: Dyna Camp in Newland Desert: 2340, 1060, level 28 (/waypoint 2340 1060 565).
  • Minibrontos: Numerous on the west side of Newland Lake, and various Bronto Farms including Arete Landing, Harry's, and the Aegean, 1320 2080 (/waypoint 1320 2080 585) in the Herders' Hole area; a large corral full of Minibrontos. Once you get to this far off spot, this is by far the best place to hunt them. When the character is sufficiently high level that the Minibrontos are grey to the character, their social behaviour is turned off. Otherwise, you must find ways to deal with/prevent more adds than you've ever seen before (eg high level helper does less than half damage to them and pulls them to safety).
  • Bronto Mama : Two, approximately level 60, at 1910 780 in Varmint Woods
"Q: What is in these Bronto burgers?"
"Barry the Food Vendor: An excellent question from an excellent customer! Bronto Burgers are made from the highest quality Bronto meat available on the planet, from specially bred livestock. They live enjoyable lives in our compound over in Galway County, where all the magic happens."
"Their meat is subjected to the strictest of quality tests, as our consumers don't deserve any less. What can I get for you today?"

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