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Enduring Armor Set. Combined with Spiritual Armor set to make Combined Paramedic's Armor
Spiritual Armor Set. Combined with Enduring Armor set to make Combined Paramedic's Armor

Overview of Available Rubi-Ka'an Armorsets[edit]

Agility/Sense Armor[edit]

Agility/Strength Armor[edit]

Agility/Stamina Armor[edit]

Psychic/Stamina Armor[edit]

Strength/Stamina Armor[edit]

Intelligence/Psychic Armor[edit]

Intelligence/Stamina Armor[edit]

Intelligence/Sense Armor[edit]

Stamina Armor[edit]

Psychic Armor[edit]

Omni-Tek Miscellaneous[edit]


Overview SL Armorsets[edit]

Unit armor[edit]

Unit Crepuscule[edit]

Force Tight[edit]


Armor 1[edit]

Armor 2[edit]

Overview Tier Armorsets[edit]

First Tier

Second Tier

Chosen (Omni)

Faithful (Clan)

Overview AI Armorsets[edit]


Combined Armor

Overview LE Armorsets[edit]

Back Armor[edit]

The Notum Wars

Alien Invasion

Battle Suits[edit]

41164.gif Augmented Urban Battle Suit

41166.gif Battered Battle Suit
41162.gif Flawless Plasteel Battle Suit

Tank Armor[edit]

41170.gif High-Quality Light Omni-Tek Tank Armor 22396.gif High-Quality Light Tank Armor
41169.gif High-Quality Very Light Omni-Tek Tank Armor 22404.gif High-Quality Very Light Tank Armor
41170.gif Worn Light Omni-Tek Tank Armor
22393.gif Worn Light Tank Armor
41169.gif Worn Very Light Omni-Tek Tank Armor
22401.gif Worn Very Light Tank Armor

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