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Enduring Armor Set. Combined with Spiritual Armor set to make Combined Paramedic's Armor
Spiritual Armor Set. Combined with Enduring Armor set to make Combined Paramedic's Armor

Each 10 points of Armor Class AC protects against one damage of that damage type, down to the weapon's minimum damage.[3]

Overview of Available Rubi-Ka'an Armorsets[edit]

Armors from the classic game are extremely varied and are notable because they often have armor 'holes' where they give less protection in one damage type than another. Armors added later, such as Miy's armor sets, do not have these holes.

Agility/Sense Armor[edit]

Agility/Strength Armor[edit]

Agility/Stamina Armor[edit]

Psychic/Stamina Armor[edit]

Strength/Stamina Armor[edit]

Intelligence/Psychic Armor[edit]

Intelligence/Stamina Armor[edit]

Intelligence/Sense Armor[edit]

Stamina Armor[edit]

Psychic Armor[edit]

Omni-Tek Miscellaneous[edit]


Overview Shadowlands Armorsets[edit]

Shadowlands armor sets introduced the concepts of 'Units' which are groups of professions that serve a type of role. So most armor from the Shadowlands is locked to specific professions. Shadowlands also introduced the concept of profession specific armor sets with the 'tier' armor groups. Tier armor is now considered to be out modeled for most professions and has been surpassed by OFAB armor as a basic profession armor set. Although some players like to use some or all of the parts of tier for social armor.

Unit armor[edit]

Unit Crepuscule[edit]

Force Tight[edit]


Dynaboss Armor[edit]

Special Armors[edit]

Overview Tier Armorsets[edit]

First Tier (Mission and Crafting)

Second Tier (Mission and Crafting)

Chosen (Omni)

Faithful (Clan)

Overview Alien Armorsets[edit]

All alien armor is tradeskilled from items that drop primarily from Kyr'ozch Hackers, generals, and other bosses. The armor provides a very broad set of high bonuses that are the same piece to piece. The Tradeskill process is shown at Alien Armor


Combined Armor

Overview OFAB Armorsets[edit]

Orbital Fabrication armor must be initially bought with Victory Points from the profession OFAB terminals and each part can be upgraded twice. The initial version of the armor is tradable but upgraded parts are NODROP locked to the character. See Ofab Armor Upgrades

Back Armor[edit]

Cloaks and Robes[edit]

Battle Suits[edit]

Battle suits are really armor replacement, because you often cannot wear other armor with a battle suit on. Classic game Battle suits also strongly limit nanobot production, making it harder to use nanos in the suit.

Tank Armor[edit]

Promotional Armors[edit]

Promotional armors are offered as a part of a subscription bonus, generally for subscribing for a years worth of time. They are all very similar: buffing XP, health, nano, treatment, and first aid. They also generally level with the character.


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