Faithful Adventurer

End game armor for the Adventurer profession

Appearance and Stats[edit]

Faithful Adventurer Helmet Faithful Adventurer Support System
Faithful Adventurer Shoulder Cover Faithful Adventurer Body Armor Faithful Adventurer Shoulder Cover
Faithful Adventurer Sleeves Faithful Adventurer Gloves Faithful Adventurer Sleeves
Faithful Adventurer Pants
Faithful Adventurer Boots
ProjectileAC: 8425
MeleeAC: 8425
EnergyAC: 8425
FireAC: 8425
ColdAC: 8425
RadiationAC: 8425
ChemicalAC: 6065
PoisonAC: 6065
Non-AC Modifiers Shown Below

stat compared to Carbonum Armor
Adventurer's Faithful Armor
Full Set at QL 300 (10 pieces)
Flags Visible, (NODROP)
Glyphs Used Blue Glyph of Ocra Blue Glyph of Ocra Water Glyph of the World Water Glyph of the World
Required To Equip Agility 1100
Strength 900
Adventurer Profession
Shadowlands Expansion
Clan Faction
Modifiers Projectile AC: 8425
Melee AC: 8425
Energy AC: 8425
Fire AC: 8425
Cold AC: 8425
Radiation AC: 8425
Chemical AC: 6065
Poison AC: 6065
Strength: 16
Stamina: 16
Agility: 16
Intelligence: 12
Sense: 16
Psychic: 12
Max Health: 2800
Max Nano Energy: 300
Mat. Metamorphosis: 20
Bio. Metamorphosis: 20
Psy. Modification: 15
Material Creation: 20
Space Time: 15
Sensory Improvement: 20
Treatment: 30
First Aid: 50
Ranged Init.: 80
Melee Init.: 80
NanoC.Init: 30
Run Speed: 60
1hEdged: 44
Sneak Attack: 40
Fast Attack: 40
Multi Melee: 70
Bow: 24
Pistol: 44
Fling Shot: 45
Multi Ranged: 70
Perception: 60
Adventuring: 60


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Pros and cons of Faithful Adventurer[edit]

Faithful Adventurer is end game armor. Points in favor and against are bound to be on an individual piece basis, in many cases suiting a particular play style and budget. Personal preferences are welcomed, but as much information as possible regarding these distinctions should be provided.



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