Armor Tradeskills

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245963.gif Apocalypse Leather Armor
205771.gif Advanced Salesman's Hat
156358.gif All-Match Augmented Bow Tie
99661.gif Anti-Gravity Unit
159134.gif Anun Membrane Gloves
13252.gif Barter Armor
13240.gif Bronto Hide Armor
156356.gif Bureaucrat Suit
162421.gif Carbonum Plate Armor
37545.gif CAS Symbiotic Armor
41163.gif Charred Abaddon Chassis
274691.gif Cloaks of the Reanimated
85941.gif Cranium Nano Cloak
13259.gif Crawler Armor
272440.gif Enhanced Molybdenum Plate
31537.gif Enhanced Pads of Dedication

21871.gif Eyemutant Sinew Armor
23001.gif Flesh-Hood
22393.gif Hacked OT Artillery Tank
22395.gif Improved Black Clan Heavy Tank
13251.gif Junkmetal Armor
37545.gif Living Dragon Armor
22972.gif Massive Steel Body Armor
156356.gif Meister's Reinforced Suit
13249.gif Metallic Mantis Armor
205929.gif Modernized ICC Cloak
151898.gif Neleb's Nano-master Robe
13251.gif Notum Saturated Metaplast Armor
99660.gif Notum Threaded Backpack
13251.gif Omni Carbonum Armor
245924.gif Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed Armor

22392.gif Overtuned Tank
281785.gif Photon Embedded Cloak
205763.gif Physician's Cap
13259.gif Prowler Armor
22892.gif Reanimator's Cloak
205772.gif Repairman's Hat
205768.gif Rollerrat Helmet
120623.gif Sabotaged Omni-Med Cloak
19812.gif Salamander Vest
205764.gif Sharpshooter's Helmet
247804.gif Stalker Helmet
162421.gif Storm Carbonum Armor
268734.gif Tarasque Armor Upgrades
21977.gif Unhallowed Carapace of the Infernal Tyrant Armor
246888.gif Veil of the Revoked

The Notum Wars[edit]

22891.gif (Modified) NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat


13249.gif Crepuscule Unit Armor
226608.gif Tier 2 Armor
151921.gif Predator's Circlet
84062.gif Ancient Technical Bracer
269968.gif Frozen Shoulder Pads

214750.gif Jobe Armor
226609.gif Tier 3 Armor
203551.gif Subspace Storage Device
84062.gif Ancient Medical Bracer
84062.gif Infused Dust Brigade Bracer

226608.gif Tier 1 Armor
10839.gif Guise of the Hooded Crow
84062.gif Ancient Combat Bracer
84062.gif Masterpiece Ancient Bracer

Alien Invasion[edit]

256296.gif Alien Armor
22395.gif Alien Tank Armor
245924.gif Basic Armor

255237.gif De'valos Sleeve
86483.gif Sureshot Glasses

23003.gif Nano Input Hood
256329.gif Upgraded Helms

Lost Eden[edit]

266531.gif Ofab Armor Upgrades

Legacy of the Xan[edit]

Omni-Tek Award - Xan Combat Exemplar LoX Boards