Miy's Melee Armor

Rare Aquaan Dyna Camp at 540, 660 in Omni Forest, Level 16

A desirable armor that gives many Skills and Abilities bonuses. It is one of two types of Miy's Armor that drops from Aquaans, the other being Miy's Ranged Armor. Cyborgs and Mantises drop all six types. It requires Agility and Sense to wear. Its largest bonuses are to Agility and Sense, all of which is on the Leg and Gloves pieces.

Aquaans are rare in the open; they can be made more common in mission instances by moving the Order-Chaos slider to Chaos, which spawns more Animal and fewer Human enemies. Cyborgs, by contrast, are common in Rubi-Ka outside areas, and have their own strongholds in Mort and Greater Tir County (Cyborg Barracks). The same with Drills in Deep Artery Valley (Drill Island).

Appearance and Features[edit]


Miy's Melee Armor Helmet
Miy's Melee Body Armor
Miy's Melee Armor Sleeves Miy's Melee Armor Gloves Miy's Melee Armor Sleeves
Miy's Melee Armor Legs
Miy's Melee Armor Boots


ProjectileAC: 3439
MeleeAC: 3439
EnergyAC: 2506
FireAC: 2506
ColdAC: 2506
RadiationAC: 3439
ChemicalAC: 3439
PoisonAC: 3439
Strength: 10
Agility: 27
Stamina: 15
Intelligence: 15
Sense: 20
Psychic: 20
Max Health: 687
Max Nano: 251
NCU Memory: 30
Martial Arts: 11
1h Blunt: 22
1h Edged: 22
Piercing: 11
Bow: 11
Melee Init: 34
Physical Init: 34
Duck Explosives: 20
Dodge Ranged: 8
Evade Close: 20
Run Speed: 16


ProjectileAC: 5150
MeleeAC: 5150
EnergyAC: 3750
FireAC: 3750
ColdAC: 3750
RadiationAC: 5150
ChemicalAC: 5150
PoisonAC: 5150
Strength: 15
Agility: 39
Stamina: 22
Intelligence: 22
Sense: 30
Psychic: 28
Max Health: 1025
Max Nano: 375
NCU Memory: 44
Martial Arts: 16
1h Blunt: 32
1h Edged: 32
Piercing: 16
Bow: 16
Melee Init: 50
Physical Init: 50
Duck Explosives: 30
Dodge Ranged: 12
Evade Close: 30
Run Speed: 24

stat compared to Carbonum Armor

Armor Buff Locations[edit]

Bonus Helmet Body Gloves Arms Legs Feet
Abilities Intelligence Stamina Agility Psychic Agility Strength
Sense Sense
Attacks Piercing 1H Blunt Martial arts
Bow 1h Edged
Speed Melee init Evade close Dodge ranged Duck explosives
Physical init Run speed
NCU NCU memory NCU memory NCU memory
Pool/derived Max health Max health Max health Max health Max health Max health
Max nano
Misc Resist Calm

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