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The rare above-ground spawn of Aquaans; a Dyna Camp, no less, at 540, 660 in Omni Forest. Around level 16; enough to get +2 to most of the Miy's set bonuses

A Rubi-Ka mob rarely found above ground. There are only two camp of Aquaans known. One is level 16, near Rome at 540 x 660 in Omni Forest. The other is level 160-170, in a cave at the Mort Cyborgs camp. Aquaans are sought after for the high probability that they will drop a piece of either Miy's Melee Armor or Miy's Ranged Armor (and in rare cases, another of the Miy's Armor types). Biledrinkers in the marshes near Outpost 10-3, in Belial Forest and other places, do not drop Miy's, although they and the other Swampfiends are so similar in appearance to Aquaans that they are most surely related.

Aquaans are found in missions. There are many theories as to how mission slider settings can lead to an increase in Aquaans to obtain Miy's, and although many or all of them may be effective, only one is unanimously accepted as effective: setting the Order-Chaos slider to Chaos creates fewer human enemies and more monster-type enemies. Aquaans count as monsters.

  • Grunt 160 missions
  • Soldier 170 missions
  • Marine 180 missions

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