A Contingent Spy

The research lab is always the same layout, and the location is probably static also: 4160 1745. An Omni-Med Guard outside will attack anyone, even if the guard is grey to them. Despite the similarity of the description, the instance can be further from Biomare than Bliss (to the north or east or northeast of Bliss), so you may be taking that whompah rather than the 2HO one. No mission key is given, so it is a solo mission only. All of the first eight enemies heal, and the Doctor types use vicious melee weapons and end up doing at least three times as much damage as they do at the start.


Infiltrate a secret research lab in The Longest Road, kill NPC, and discover their plans by any means necessary.

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue - Description and location varies with mission agency

Level 2- 20 confirmed. 25-50 confirmed. 134 - ?

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 15-30


We believe we have found a secret Clan research lab in The Longest Road and we need to find out what they are up to. The facility is open at daytime but not at night, so the first part of your mission is simple: Kill everyone inside and make sure you take their Access Cards. Hack the Access Cards with the Access Hacking Tool. When you have hacked 8 Access cards, connect the Access Hacking Tool to the Agency Communication Unit to upload the data to us.

The second part of your mission will be to find out what plans the Clans have, we will contact you and provide you with spying equipment at the right time.

As part of the Freelancer Inc. services you will recieve an Equipment Pack in your inventory - This pack contains important items you will need to complete this mission.


  • Substantial XP
  • Clan/Omni Mission tokens * 2


  1. Right click Equipment Pack which turns into Omni-Tek Access Hacking Tool and Omni-Tek Agency Communication Unit .
  2. Go to the dungeon, kill each NPC, loot their access card, and combine it with Access Hacking Tool.
  3. After killing all eight guards, go to room in Area C
  4. Combine the Access Hacking Tool with your communication unit. A hologram will appear explaining the second stage of the mission. Also a box item will appear in your inventory.
  5. Go by the boxes and look for the nano "A good place to hide" to be running in your NCU
  6. Sit down and click on box item in you inventory to turn your self into a box
  7. Wait for the explosive experts to arrive
  8. After they arrive wait for the mission object to change
  9. Deactivate the BOX nano in your NCU if you. Kill the experts if you want.
  10. Go back to the Mission Agency and talk to the receptionist to complete mission

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