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Uncle Bazzit's Missions[edit]

Deidre Needs a New Gun[edit]

These missions are required for the AI expertise 3 Perk.
Bazzit's Alien Library is required for the third Alien Invasion Expertise Perk, and Uncle Bazzit in Meetmedere will give it to you, after a long mission that introduces the player to the Smoker's Lounge faction. Players who want a +20 NCU 5 slot belt that equips in 10 seconds may wish to continue the quest to get Overclocked Belt Component Platform

The Smoker's Lounge[edit]

Similar to the Fixer Grid Mission not only in being connected to the Smoker's Lounge faction, but also the speed with which it must be accomplished.

The Alien Library and Overclocked Belt[edit]

The environments normally used in missions from Mission Terminals, are the next destinations, with a few twists, such as using key items on electronica found in the missions. As with the regular kind, being able to blitz missions will save much time. Finally, the reward:
Bazzit's Alien Library Bazzit's Alien Library

Scan some wildlife in Aegean, and travel back and forth between there and Central Artery Valley, for the final part of the mission and the reward:
Overclocked Belt Component Platform Overclocked Belt Component Platform

Social Armor Mission[edit]

This mission is required for the Alien Armor and Social Clothes

Daring Antidote Mission[edit]

The Newland Desert whompah can be accessed in Newland City and Hope. From the whompah, head east through the ravine into the Rhino Valley. Herbalist Gerard is slightly to the left, but be wary of the Rhinoman Dyna Boss if you are under level 100, and of Professor Van Horn if you are under 200. Gerard gives two Find Item Missions.
Unidentified Toxin Item to Find: Unidentified Toxin dropped in Alien Raids, reputedly faster in lower level raids.
Restorative Herbs Item to Find: Restorative Herbs dropped from the very Rhinomen surrounding Gerard.
Daring Antidote Stim Reward: Five Daring Antidote Stims. Kyr'ozch Generals cast a nasty debuff; the Antidote removes it.

Furniture / Storytelling Missions[edit]

These missions are primarily added storytelling content and flavour. Dedicated owners of apartments will wish to complete them for the rewards.

Help Leona Find Her Missing Doll[edit]

This quest is repeatable. Reward for this quest is the story and Lantern furnishings for Apartments. Their light coloration, together with the ambient lighting code, gives a quite satisfactory impression of being lit from within.

Leona is a level nine latchkey child Opifex NPC just southwest of the Newland City main gate, in front of the Bronto Burger stand at Newland 1080 x 445. Her father has volunteered or been conscripted to fight aliens, and her mother frequents a "fighting club", perhaps the Battle Station. It would be pretty low to take from such an already deprived person, and yet someone has stolen her doll.

Dialogue from Anarchy Online:
'Leona: I'm really not supposed to talk to strangers...
<Player Name>: Oh?
Leona: But, I'll never get to have any fun then, will I?
<Player Name>: I guess not...
Leona: So, what are you up to? Are you hunting aliens as well? My father is fighting aliens almost every day. I hardly see him anymore.
<Player Name>: Does he just leave you to be all on your own?
Leona: Not really, he says I should be with mother, but she is always at some sort of fighting club and I'm not allowed to enter those places. They say I will see enough violence as I get older, but really, I feel just ready enough. It's not my fault they wanted me this young. But I'm not afraid of the aliens, I even have an alien doll! Do you want to see it?
<Player Name>: That would be nice!
Leona: Well, you can't see it just now, cause this really stupid guy ran away with it. Most of it anyway. All I have left is this arm!
She shows you a small green metalic device that could very well be an alien doll arm.
Leona: See? My dad will be very upset when he finds out I only have the arm left of it.
<Player Name>: Would you like me to help you finding the rest of the doll then?
Leona: Yes! It would be simply truly wonderful if you could find it for me! I can most likely make the doll seem whole again too! The guy who run away with it is Rotten Peter. Please find him and get my doll!'

Peter is located inside a mission (The mission scales depending on your level). When you agree to help Leona, the coordinates for the mission will be uploaded to your map. Don't be fooled by them being children and playmates, in order to retrieve her doll, you need to kill Peter and loot Leona's Doll off his corpse. Unfortunately you cannot equip the doll in your hand.

Leona's Doll Mission: Help Leona find her missing doll!
According to Leona, the doll was stolen by Rotten Peter. Find him, last seen around <mission coordinates and zone are 'randomly' generated> and return to her with the doll.

The mission is a Kill Person Mission. Killing Rotten Peter completes the mission, whereupon a Return Item Mission is given; bringing Leona's Doll back to Newland and giving it to Leona is rewarded with one of three Lantern furnishings.

Bacchante's Fancy Blue Hanging Lanterns Bacchante's Fancy Blue Hanging Lanterns
Bacchante's Fancy Red Hanging Lanterns Bacchante's Fancy Red Hanging Lanterns
Bacchante's Fancy Yellow Hanging Lanterns Bacchante's Fancy Yellow Hanging Lanterns

Giana Molla's Missing Husband[edit]

Giana Molla is distraught over the disappearance and prolonged absence of her husband.
Reward for this mission is one of eight furnishings of the type sold at Uncle Bazzit's shop.
Giana Molla's Mission on AO Universe

This Means Bar This Means Bar This Means Cabinet This Means Cabinet This Means Chair This Means Chair
This Means Couch This Means Couch This Means Corner Couch This Means Corner Couch This Means Endtable This Means Endtable
This Means Expensive Couch This Means Expensive Couch This Means Table This Means Table

Pietro Molla's Divorce[edit]

Pietro Molla has become a hermit in the furthest reaches of Aegean, and wants to make a clean break with his wife.
Reward for this mission is the story and an OT Trashcan furnishing that is even more intricately detailed than its icon here. It looks as though one could flip it on its side and break the Rubi-Ka land speed record with it.
Omni-Tek Trash Can Omni-Tek Trash Can
Pietro Molla's Mission on AO Vault