Rubi-Ka offers a wide selection of player housing. The basic apartments are available to all players and can be found in most major cities. Players with Shadowlands expansion will also have access to the basic Jobe apartments, and can purchase account wide access to a Luxury Jobe apartment. The Luxury Sunrise apartment can be purchased by anyone in the item shop on an account wide basis or from the Phasefront Salesbot H-91 in ICC.

Housing Basics[edit]

Getting an apartment[edit]

Apartments are instanced, available to all characters (not shared between alts) and can be acquired by simply walking through an apartment door in a city backyard. Once you walk into an apartment door, an access card will spawn in your character's inventory. The access card can be stored in a backpack or the bank, but it will need to be in your character's inventory to re-enter the apartment.

There is no map or other indicator for where a character's apartment is, so once you select one you'll have to remember the location! With multiple characters owning their own apartment, it's best to write it down for future reference.

Apartments can also be acquired cross-faction, so an Omni character could live in Tir or a Clan character in Rome. This may have role-play potential for your character, but you would have to dodge guards on the way home. For most players, it's best to pick a same-faction or neutral place of residence.

Each character can own a total of four different apartments: one Rubi-Ka basic apartment; one Jobe basic apartment; one Luxury Jobe apartment and one Luxury Sunrise Station apartment.

Decorating an apartment[edit]

Furniture items can be purchased from furniture vendor NPCs, in Luxury shops, quested for, and obtained as drops from Holiday & Anniversary events.

Items can be placed freely in the apartment, but can't be stacked. Most furniture pieces also lack collision so while the sofas are decorative, they aren't very functional.

All apartments, basic and luxury, can be decorated with a maximum of 30 placeable items. You will get a system warning in chat saying "The maximum amount of items in your apartment has been reached! This item will be lost if left here." when you go over the limit.

Inviting other players into your apartment[edit]

To invite another player to view your apartment, you have to be in a team with them, have your apartment access card in your inventory and then enter your apartment. Players teamed with you will have a 30 sec time window to enter the apartment after you, once inside they do not have to remain in team to stay in the apartment. If someone misses the time window to enter or exits the apartment, you will have to step outside and then back inside to reactivate the 30 sec time window allowing the other player to enter again.

Moving apartments[edit]

If you forget where your apartment is located or simply want to move for a change of scenery, you can use an Apartment application form to do so. If possible, before using the form you should remove items from all of that character's apartments. There is no option for resetting a single apartment at a time, the form will reset ownership and delete items inside all of the character's apartments.

Apartment application form Apartment application form available from:

  • Clan Tools and OT Tools terminals, found in the main room of each faction's shops.
  • ICC Office Supplies terminals, found in the Tradeskill section of Neutral shops.

Note: You need to manually delete your old apartment access card. The game will let you walk into a different apartment, but no new card will be generated as they are UNIQUE. If that happens, you'll have to find and delete the old access card, then use an application form again to reset apartment ownership.

Rubi-Ka Apartment[edit]

Basic Rubi-Ka apartments are purely social, and offer no benefits or amenities. The backyards the apartments are located in do have bank access and a surgery clinic.

Neutral Apartments[edit]

  • Located in Borealis, where the backyard entrances from city are marked as Arrival; and Newland City, where backyard entrances are simply numbered doorways.

Clan Apartments[edit]

  • Located in Old Athen, West Athen and Tir, with backyards as numbered Apartment Complex doorways from the citys.

Omni Apartments[edit]

Jobe Apartments[edit]

Shadowlands expansion brought players new housing options with Basic and Luxury Jobe apartments. Apartments are located on the Jobe Harbour, Jobe Market and Jobe Plaza platforms. The Basic Jobe apartment is purely social with no amenities, while the Jobe Luxury apartment has a convenient grid access terminal.

Basic Jobe Apartment[edit]

Luxury Jobe Apartment[edit]

Originally available only to players who pre-ordered Shadowlands, access to apartments can now be purchased through the in-game item shop

Sunrise Station Apartment[edit]

Among the (literally) earth-shaking features in the Lost Eden expansion, the Sunrise Station apartments were somewhat overshadowed. The Luxury Sunrise apartment comes complete with grid access, GMI terminal, bank terminal, mail terminal, surgery clinic and a Phasefront Classic - Charon vehicle. The space is quite large, and comes with a few pieces of functional (but not movable) furniture.

Gaining access to this apartment is slightly different from other housing options. It can be purchased either per-character at the ICC Phasefront Building from the Phasefront Salesbot H-91 for 989,000,000 credits, or account wide in the item shop. If you purchase from the item shop, each character on the account will be able to pick up a Sunrise Luxury Residence Key Sunrise Luxury Residence Key from the item shop's Claim Tab.

Once you have made your purchase, visit the Sunrise Station by taking a shuttle from the ICC landing pad. Inside the space station, you have a selection of five Orbital Apartment Doors to pick from. Picking up and right-clicking the Sunrise Luxury Residence Key on an apartment door, will transport your character in to the apartment as well as spawn a permanent Sunrise Luxury Residence Key Sunrise Luxury Residence Key and a Phasefront Classic - Charon Phasefront Classic - Charon vehicle nano in your inventory.

Note: Sunrise Station apartments will not reset with the use of an Apartment application form Apartment application form.