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Bots on Atlantean[edit]

All factions[edit]


  • Description: AOFroobs is a bot targeted at players using the Froob accounts. Linking RK1 and RK2 with 1 single chat. It has many commands simliar to Helpbot. There is no restrictions to join. To join ingame type /tell Aofroobs !join
  • Owner: Aofroobs
  • Creator: Aofroobs
  • IRC: #aofroobs @
  • Website:


  • Description: This bot is a open role-play bot for anybody to join for some light conversation and rp. The bot is ICly a radio channel on a fictional Rubi-Ka radio band.
  • Owner: Dabblez
  • Creator: Dabblez


  • Description: Global message bot for broadcasting to subscribers. Messages can be sent on channels labeled PVP, PVM, Raid, Event, Shopping, Lootrights, General, Advice and Trash. The purpose is overcome the Chat Zone limitation so messages can be received/sent regardless of your playfield or dungeon you are in. Dnetorg is a part of the bot system created to support integration with organization bots by displaying messages in the bots private channel.
  • Owner: Loso aka Maxisolja/Shanue
  • Creator: Loso aka Maxisolja/Shanue
  • Forum: announcement
  • Commands:
/tell Dnet !help
/tell Dnet !register
/tell Dnetorg !join

PVP PVM Raid Event Shopping Lootrights General Advice Trash




  • Description: Provides easy ingame access to items search using the Central Items Database
  • Owner: Demoder
  • Creator: Demoder
  • Based on: Bot#
  • Forum: Itemsbot - Relaunch!
  • Commands
    • Items search: /tell ItemsBot 50 carb
    • Items search: /tell ItemsBot pen ofa crat
    • Items search, excluding certain words: /tell ItemsBot kyr pistol -machine -energy
    • items search, defining item type and slots: /tell ItemsBot 300 combined type=armor slot=head,arm



  • Description: Recipebot provides instructions for constructing over 700+ tradeskill items. On January 2010, it was relaunched with an announcement of a partnership between its creator Beaxen and Anarchy Only Universe. To get a list of commands execute the chat command /tell Recipebot show me and click on the command link. New with this release are personal options to control how the recipes are presented. The Quest menu option on the recipes category page, provides locations for NPC's and known Trader Shops.
  • Creator: Beaexn (Created, owned and maintained recipebot for many years)
  • Maintainer: Beaexn
  • AO Post:
  • IRC : server: / channel: #helpbot
  • Command: /tell Recipebot Then drag item to its chat window and press enter.


  • Description: Mainly a Rubi-ka Raid bot for all levels/factions. [/tell Atlantean !join]
  • Owner: Nenat
  • Forum: Atlantean

Clan Restricted[edit]



  • Description: A raid bot that raids The Beast and anything on it's path to the lair. Vhanet membership is required to join this bot.
  • Level Requirement: Main: 218, Alt: 213
  • Owner: Vhab and Iriche
  • Creator: Vhab and Iriche, Based on VhaBot 0.7.x Advanced
  • Forum:,1.0.html
  • Admins: /tell beastnet admins
  • Note: Member of the Vhanet raidsbot network


  • Description: The heart of the clan raid bots. Membership on this bot is required to be enabled on any of the vhanet-connected bots.
  • Level Requirement: Main: 190, Alt: 125
  • Owner: Vhab and Iriche
  • Creator: Vhab and Iriche, Based on VhaBot 0.7.x Advanced
  • Forums:
  • Note: Used by administrators to manage vhanet accounts



  • Description: A raid bot that raids the zodiacs and the night heart in pandemonium. Vhanet membership is required to join this bot.
  • Level Requirement: Main: 205, Alt: 205
  • Owner: Vhab and Iriche
  • Creator: Vhab and Iriche, Based on VhaBot 0.7.x Advanced
  • Forum:,4.0.html
  • Admins: /tell zodsnet !admins
  • Note: Member of the Vhanet raidsbot network

Neutral Restricted[edit]


  • Description: This is one of the first Neutral bots made and served as a chat channel before neutrals had an OOC channel. It is still used heavily for light conversation, team gathering, and raid gathering.
  • Creator: Pyromanche, based on Budabot.

Omni Restricted[edit]


  • Description: An omni outzone (Alien Playfield) raid bot.
  • Level Requirement: Main: 190, Alt: 190
  • Owner: Glarawyn and Naturalistic
  • Creator: Glarawyn and Naturalistic
  • Forum:
  • Admins: /tell campalot !admins


  • Description: An omni bot that raids everything in Pandemonium.
  • Level Requirement: Main: 210, Alt: 210
  • Owner: Burrstin
  • Creator:Snowsy
  • Admins:/tel hellcom adminlist