Credits are the official currency on Rubi-Ka. Here are some strategies for getting it. They differ, and some are even mutually exclusive: this is not a "best way to" list.

Making credits[edit]

  • Running, especially Blitzing, Missions to find certain buffing items on Clicksaver that are exactly at their Breakpoints, for the maximum bonus for the minimum requirements. Shadowlands players will buy the Rubi-Ka items that are out of their way to obtain. Even Jobe clusters, if they have the Nano Delta bonus, cannot be bought in Jobe, but can be rolled as a mission reward.
  • Finding rare items in Dyna Camps, such as the Pump Trainee shotgun. Less rare things that are exclusive to Dynas sell, too, like certain Fixer Heal over Time and Agent damage buff.

Power through[edit]

  • Max out your gear and recoup the investment in being able to run missions for nanos for yourself. Gear usually has to be so high you cannot run missions for higher than the best gear you could currently get on, let alone later. There is less to lose from lowering buffs and abilities, so you could scrape by with the ones you can roll. There is little point in grinding much for buff weapons and the like at character levels lower than the QL, since you don't have to have them by a specific level like you do the gear and nanos, and you can get them easier when you are higher level.

Staying low[edit]

Turning off XP and staying a certain level to grind a lot of a particular item in Missions. You gain money from selling the items, and you save money by not spending on new gear and nanos. Win-win.

Find a niche[edit]

Exploit a gap in the market, as well as or instead of competing with other player traders. It's too much work for them; they don't want to do it, there isn't enough profit..You get paid instead.

Saving credits[edit]

  • Making credits is by far the preferable option, but when money gets tight that might not be an option. Saving credits means making do with less, basically. Don't buy all the nanos, don't get armor as often. But save skimping on weapons or nukes for last. Low and fast is a good way to make the most of the inevitable reduction in efficacy that results. Not reds or ultra-reds; fight lower things. Since you are now raising the ratio of time spent finding a kill / time spent making a kill, you need to find targets fast. And there is nothing faster than a Dyna Camp spawn. Or do low missions. Or if you are a casual player and/or your time is limited, do dailies and only accept non-combat missions or anything fast.