Dust Brigade Missions

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There are three separate primary Dust Brigade missions. They are based on Rubi-Ka, but there are level limits on starting the quest that prevent Froobs from doing them. There are also level and Cyberdeck requirements on wearable and Nano rewards, respectively, which means they cannot be used by Froobs.

The Dust Brigade mission is not easy and requires a full team with Tank and Doc. Except for Part 4, you can also do the solo. To get Home Again from Peacekeeper Constad you have to be at least lvl 205. None of the Home Again missions have time limits.

Home Again[edit]

As reward for the mission there is a nano series deck and four Nanocrystals, which can be cast only when wearing the profession nano deck. The Nano deck requires 215th Level

  • The Priest
  • The Sickness
  • Strange Remedy
  • Watchful Eyes
  • Honey & Vinegar
  • Riding the Waves
  • Signal to Noise

Inside the Machine[edit]

Level 190+ to begin the mission. Entrance is left of the Dust Brigade Outpost entrance. Make good use of the Run and Walk buttons as you face earthquakes, narrow walkways and a teleporting boss, Ground Chief Aune. At least one team member must stay close to the walls to kill the towers that heal Aune. A white cloud of Notum Irregularity can heal the Init debuff.

  • Black Molybdenum-Matrix of Xan
  • White Molybdenum-Matrix of Xan
  • Basic Infused Dust Brigade Bracer
  • Dust Brigade Notum Infuser
  • Dust Brigade Engineer Pistol
  • Dust Brigade Solar Notum Infuser

Random chance for one of: Enhanced Dustbrigade:

  • Chemist Gloves
  • Combat Chestpiece
  • Covering
  • Flexible Boots
  • Notum Gloves
  • Sleeves
  • Spirit-tech Chestpiece

Locating the Threat[edit]

  1. Peacekeeper Constad: Still near ICC HQ, just a lot nearer: in it. Was at Nepal, Andromeda, 3260 x 920 . Now at 3280, 919.
  2. Peacekeeper Coursey: Newland City, 447 x 282
  3. Priest Fontain: City of Home, Broken Shores, 620 x 1500 > Peacekeeeper Constad > Peacekeeper Coursey

Comm Towers

  1. Lush Fields: 445 x 3506
  2. Perpetual Wastelands: 2323 x 3422
  3. Mort: 3630 x 3620
  4. Southern Fouls Hills: 1630 x 1660
  5. Milky Way: 4310 x 2080