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Hammerheads are huge creatures roaming various areas, and their name is highly descriptive of their physical shape. They are found in early to mid-level areas; in the early areas, they are among the highest level creatures.


  • Nomad Camp. When this mission is given at level 25, even the penultimate step of killing Pixies is a prodigious feat, and killing the Hammerheads at the end may be out of the question. The Distress Signal mission gives an error message warning of teaming with higher level characters, but the XP is given anyway. Forum discussions indicate that this may be true of Nomad Camp as well.[1]


Dyna Camps[edit]

Coordinates Level Playfield
1690, 2770 84 Andromeda
4149, 409 84 Andromeda
980, 3300 90 Wailing Wastes
1540, 3340 90 Wailing Wastes
1700, 3380 90 Wailing Wastes