Henry Radiman

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Henry Radiman was the leader and spokesperson for the Council of Truth before its dissolution in 29476. Widely respected and well liked, Radiman held great support by the clans until an uncharacteristic leave of absence in 29476 hurt his reputation. In 29477 he supported the reformation of the Council, but later declined the position as its leader.


Relatively unknown at the time, Henry Radiman became the leader of the Council of Truth during the third Rubi-Kan civil war on January 13, 29467. With Radiman's diplomatic skills, he was able to sign a cease-fire halting the clan advance against Omni-Tek. The cease-fire eventually led to the signing of the Tir Accord which ended the war. Radiman, who was believed to have once been or still is a member of the Pilgrims, gained wide popularity by many members in the clans. However, not all of the clans supported Radiman. The more militant clans felt Radiman and the Council were too soft and lenient, believing more aggressive stance against Omni-Tek was the proper course.


In 29476 Radiman went on a self described four month "pilgrimage" from Tir and the Council. As an explanation Radiman said,

"...to rediscover myself and the cause for which we fight. The events that transpired in the months before my departure had left me weary and disheartened. Our failure to find a peaceful and unified solution to the conflict that divides our planet was something that I found hard to acknowledge."

He also cited the absence of certain close individuals from his life also contributed to him needing a break. Radiman returned on July 26 apologizing for his absence and saying that he would resume his tasks for the Council. Confusion and anger had grown during Radiman's absence culminating with a large protest outside the Council of Truth building. Radiman's reputation had greatly suffered because of his absence and many militant clans had risen up as replacement leaders, many of who were calling for reforms in the Council. Political analysts cite the absence of Radiman as one of the contributing factors to dissolution of the Council.

The new Council of Truth[edit]

Support began to grow for the reformation of the Council of Truth in 29477, and Henry Radiman came out publicly supporting the new Council. As the new Council became closer to a reality, questions began to be asked if Radiman should be the Council's leader. Some felt his absence from public life recently meant he could not be trusted as a leader. Others felt his unknown past and allegations of connections with the Dust Brigade would hurt the Council if he were to lead it again.

The first meeting of the new Council of Truth was on April 25, 29478. At the beginning of the meeting, Radiman stepped aside to allow a new generation of Clan leaders to have a chance.