Precious Metal

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This is about the process of smelting down metal from rings and other loot. For the process of cutting the gems that can be set in rings, see Gem Cutting. For the Agency mission to cut five gems, see Jewelry (Daily Mission). For the process of making rings from metal, see Filigree Rings. For the process of assembling the ultimate product, see Jewellery

Ingots from Rubi-Ka can be used for various Tradeskills, like Virral Triumvirate Egg, Bracelet of Arul Saba, for Filigree Rings, and last but most certainly not least, for the Shadow Gem Rings made with Shadow Gems from the Shadowlands. The silver and gold ingots are usually made from looted rings and bracers melted down; Platinum, however, is always found in the form of Small Platinum Ingots. Platinum is never melted down, as there are no items that can be melted into Platinum. Platinum ingots are found on Dyna bosses, Mission bosses, in Small Brown Boxes in missions, and rarely, on random mobs. It may be impossible to make more money by changing loot rings into metal without proceeding to a further step in the process, as some metal made from rings is worth 75% or so of the worth of the original dropped loot ring.

All of the items that can be melted in this fashion come from the AO classic game material. Whereas the Shadow Gems can be used in RK tradeskill processes, and the resulting rings used by free players (they have bonuses, but no requirements at all), the series of ingots and ores unique to the Shadowlands cannot be melted or used for Jewelry. They were at one point Farmed (killing the mobs that drop them, repeatedly) for their high resale value; a Shadowlands gold ingot has a base value of 4,800,000, compared to an RK ingot at 500,000.

Required Skills[edit]

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Required Items and Tools[edit]

Component / Tool *1 Location
Precious Metal Reclaimer R Shop - Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Ring or Bracer (s.o.) C Mob or Chest Loot
*1 R = reusable, C = consumed

The Following Rings and Bracers Can Be Melted[edit]

Icon Name Result Icon Name Result Icon Name Result
Engagement Ring Engagement Ring Silver Ring of Power - Melee Ring of Power - Melee Silver Golden Ring Golden Ring Gold
Flower Ring Flower Ring Silver Ring of Power - Physics Ring of Power - Physics Silver Marriage Ring Marriage Ring Gold
OT Ring OT Ring Silver Ring of Power - Projectiles Ring of Power - Projectiles Silver Bracelet of Ka Bracelet of Ka Gold
Pink Ring Pink Ring Silver Snake Ring Snake Ring Silver Golden Bracer Golden Bracer Gold
Ring of Zern Ring of Zern Silver Toe-Ring Toe-Ring Silver Golden Nugget Golden Nugget Gold
Ring of Suffering Ring of Suffering Silver Silver Nugget Silver Nugget Silver Golden Sphere Golden Sphere Gold
Ring of Power - Elements Ring of Power - Elements Silver Bracer of Shielding - Physics Bracer of Shielding - Physics Gold
Ring of Power - Energy Ring of Power - Energy Silver Bracer of Shielding - Melee Bracer of Shielding - Melee Gold

Rings and Bracers that cannot be melted:[edit]

  • Augmented OT Ring
  • IQ Ring
  • Failed Ring of Flying
  • Fashionable Energy Ring
  • Silver Pearl (because it is a gem)
  • Ring of Knowledge
  • Gold 2 Sphere Pearl by Peters & Tool
  • Ring of Presence
  • Ring of the Nucleus Basalis
  • Ring of Thorns
  • Bracer of Growing Flesh
  • Bracer of Shrinking Flesh
  • Bracelet of Pacifism


Precious Metal Reclaimer + Golden Ring = Gold ingot Skills: ME
Precious Metal Reclaimer Ring or Bracer Small Silver/Gold Ingot QL x 3.2

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