The Knights of Avalon

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Lord Galahad
Sir Tristram Solis, Solitus 220 Keeper

Camelot, Avalon

Background: One of the most attractive clans to new Rebels, their leader Lord Galahad demands that they live by the ancient English chivalry code of the early middle Ages. They are courageous and idealistic and a definite thorn in the side of the hyper corporation. Tristram was a foundling raised by his father Sir Jeromey Solis a member of Lord Galahad's Inner Circle and best friend to Sir Beargar as they assisted Galahad in his work for the Clans and Redeemed. Jeromey was one of the Knights leading Galahad's first front attacks against the unredeemed and lost his life early in the beginning of this struggle. Showing many of the same characteristics his father had Tristram was sent to train in Galahads Shadowlands sanctuary to learn and train to serve Galahad in the same capacity as his father had. His easy manner and commitment to the cause of the Redeemed and his Lord Galahad this young man was sent to replace his fathers Knight brother Beargar in representation to the Council of Truth.

Feelings about the CoT: Tristram and Lord Galahad are in agreement over policies; they present a united front to the Council. Galahad wants the Clans united as a cohesive body in order to fight off the Unredeemed and Omni-Tek threats. He calls for internal squabbling to stop in order for everyone to see the truth, and believes the plight of the redeemed should become the paramount concern.

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