Alan Jacobi

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Alan Jacobi is the leader of the Vanguard Clan, which is now the occupying force in Athen (Old Athen and West Athen). Mr. Jacobi is a very slick, smooth character whose background in "aquisitions" has catapulted his clan into the forefront of politics. Rumor has him starting his life in Tir, helping the local "mafias" and running small cons. He quickly built up a substantial amount of credits and then formed the Vanguard Clan.

Jacobi enjoys the finer things in life, a nice wine or brandy and a cigar rather than a rifle and helmet. Anyone who has seen Mr. Jacobi use a weapon though, are left with very little doubt that if he has to use one, the person he's using it against is in trouble.

Little else is known of his past but the Vanguard clan are focused, at least in the public eye, on credits. When they moved in to Old Athen, they immediately set about rebuilding and refurbishing the entire city...something the clans have wanted done for years now. Since then, Athen has become the trade center of the Clans and the Vanguard are seeing tremendous profit.

He also set new guards in the area because the ancient Blade Guard were unequipped to deal with the power that regular citizens have attained since their travels to the Shadowlands. His guards also patrol West Athen and Mr. Jacobi himself has been seen in Wailing Wastes main outpost several times defending against Kyr'Ozch invasion.

Mr. Jacobi is a frequent visitor to the Council of Truth meetings where his calm demeanor is the voice of reason in many instances. He is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the Council of Truth security system and has, on more than one occasion, forcefully removed people from the building. An agreed upon summary of his presence in the meetings is to make more money but those who know Mr. Jacobi, know that this is not his only interest.