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This page covers the various fan supported software used to run bots on Anarchy Online.

For list of bots active on RK5 and RK19, see RK5 Bots and RK19 Bots.

There is also a discord (Link) for bot software.

Anarchy Online Bots[edit]

Chat Automations[edit]

Chat automations are programs designed to interact with users in a predefined and programmed matter by using exclusively written text as input.
Chat automations are also referred to a "bot" or "bots". This is how they are commonly known in the community.
You communicate with chat bots through a tell. Commands are often started with an !

Example /tell <botname> !help
"Replace <botname> with botname

The written text sent to a bot is known as a command and forms the basics of interactions with a bot.
Most bots will remain idle until they receive a command, after which they will process this command, send a reply to the user and return to it's idle state waiting for new commands.

Bots in Anarchy Online[edit]

The original Anarchy Online bots and chat libraries were created by using a process called reverse engineering by a small group of programmers in 2001.
This process began after Funcom (the authors of Anarchy Online) enabled users to chat as if they were inside the game, by using a special build Java applet. This web application relied on the ability to connect to the game's chat server without being required to actually log into the game. This was the first stand-alone chat client using the (what we now call) AoChat protocol.
The group of programmers decompiled Funcom's Java applet and used the resulting code as a guideline to create the first community-built AoChat library and using this library created the first Anarchy Online Bots.
After the initial results chat libraries in various languages were publicly released by the community at a rapid pace. Some of the most notable or widespread chat libraries are:

  • Slicer's AO::Chat module. This library was one of the first AoChat libraries ever released and inspired several future libraries.
  • Auno's AoChat. This is the most commonly used library and is still used up to this day in several of the major bots such as BeBot, IGNBot and Budabot. Auno based his library on Slicer's AO::Chat and a decompiled version of Funcom's Java applet. It's written using PHP exclusively.
  • Dinkles' libaochat. This library is written in c++ and is currently being used (after being slightly modified) on Atlantean by a large raid bot network called Knet.
  • Vhab's AoLib. AoLib is a rewritten version of Pod13's AoChat.Net. It's written using managed c# code. Currently, it's being used in VhaBot which is the heart of Helpbot.
  • Vhab's Vha.Net. An improved and continued version of AoLib used in Vha.Chat, Bot# (which is the core of Itemsbot), and Xyphos' FriendsSync.

Bot Software vs Ingame Bot[edit]

In Anarchy Online the term "bot" is used to reference at both "bot software" and "ingame bot".
Bot software is the actual application that creates (or controls) an ingame bot.
When people refer to an ingame bot, they refer to it by the name of the character the bot software is controlling instead of the name of the bot software.
An ingame bot is an Anarchy Online character that is being controlled by bot software rather than an actual player.
On this page you will find exclusively bot software. You can use this software to create your own 'organization bot', 'raid bot' or any other type of bot.
If you're looking for the names of ingame bots, you can find some of them on Atlantean Bots and Rimor Bots.

Extending Existing Bot Software[edit]

Pretty much all of the modern bot software is designed to be extendable. This means any developer can add new features or extend existing features. This gives the user the ability to completely customize his (or her) bot.
Most bots are extended using a 'plugin system'. This is a system that separate's features that directly interact with the user from the main bot application. This system also allows features to be separated into different plugins (often by placing them in different files or directories). Using a plugin system users can easily select which features they wish to use and which they don't wish to use. It also enables developers to release their own plugins as a stand-alone package which can be easily added to the bot software the plugin was designed for. The popularity of the current generation of bot software is primarily because of their plugin systems.

Active Bot Software[edit]





Discontinued or Inactive Bot Software[edit]




  • Creator: Huggcrat
  • Development: Discontinued
  • Stata: Alpha
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Language: Python
  • Storage: SQLite
  • Platform: *nix (tested), OS-Independent (not tested)
  • Webpage:





  • Creator: Zacix
  • Development: Inactive
  • State: Stable
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Language: PHP5
  • Library: Auno's AoChat
  • Storage: MySQL
  • Platform: OS-Independent
  • Project Page:


  • Creator: Vash
  • Development: Discontinued
  • State: Outdated
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Language: C#
  • Library: Pod13's AoChat
  • Storage: Access
  • Platform: .NET (Windows)
  • Project Page:

Really Old Bot Software[edit]

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