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Notum Cannons

Clondyke borders Galway County to the west, Andromeda to the north, and Lush Fields to the east, all with teleport zone walls. It contains no whompahs exits. There is a Grid exit at 1058 x 4023, which exits into Omni territory and once had guards nearby, but is no longer dangerous for Clan; inexplicably, there is a Surgery Clinic very near the grid exit. Fixer Grid exits to Clondyke are on the 4th level, to the right and left.

Clondyke is home to two towns; one, in the south, built in a style much like Last Ditch, and one in the northwest. An Omni shop near to the southern town has a sign outside declaring it to be a Fair Trade shop. As with all shops, the Trade section terminals can be used by players of another faction.

The Notum Cannons which propel the many Notum Mines' yield for the day up into orbit can be found at coordinates 1200 x 3400 in this zone.

Missions and storyline[edit]

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
30-45 1100, 4340 Yukon Source
35-50 1460, 2540 Frisko
30-45 2140, 2420 Round Hills
50-75 2140, 1900 Dense Drewen
35-50 1260, 1820 Borrowed Hill
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
35-50 1340, 1340 Narrow Lune
10-15 2500, 1220 Micron Slopes Notum Mine
50-75 2100, 540 High Juniper
50-75 2300, 460 High Juniper Notum Vein

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