Martial Artist Tips and Tricks

Many Martial Artists will use weapons, then switch to Martial Artist attacks. Some other professions do this as well, at the cost of being able to equip weapons that are more powerful than they can equip immediately

In a sense, Martial Artists do have weapons - to perform their attacks, they need to acquire and keep in their inventory, the Martial Arts attack items. All attacks lock an attack skill, usually Martial Arts, but few require only Martial Arts.


Some of the books are bought in stores, at the The guy to talk to is named Hermit, and can be found at /waypoint 827, 2298, 647 (static, Tir Desert, Greater Tir County). He is well versed in the ancient languages, and says he can help you with the books you find in the temple. He is looking for Ape Fist of Khalum, Tree of Enlightenment, and Karmic Fist Book. When you bring him the completed books you will receive special Martial Arts attacks. The Karmic Fist is located in the Inner Sanctum.

Short list of attacks:

Angel of Night[edit]

Angel of Night Angel of Night. Area Effect damage.

Ape Fist of Khalum[edit]

Ape Fist of Khalum Ape Fist of Khalum. 50% Chance of Stun on Target. MA only; Temple of Three Winds Books: #1-any Cultist. #2-Cultists past Defender of the Three. #3-Acolyte Dominic . #4-Acolyte Amber. #5-Exarch Li-Po

Attack of the Snake[edit]

Attack of the Snake Attack of the Snake. Requires only Martial Arts

Bird of Prey[edit]

Bird of Prey Bird of Prey

Blessed with Thunder[edit]

Blessed with Thunder Blessed with Thunder of low QL can be usefully employed by higher levels with only trickledown points in Parry and Brawl, as its Damage over Time's damage calculation is based on character level

Bright, Blue, Cloudless Sky[edit]

Bright, Blue, Cloudless Sky Bright, Blue, Cloudless Sky


Delirium Delirium. MA only


Enigma Enigma

Flower of Life[edit]

Flower of Life Flower of Life. Self Heal, plus Runspeed debuff and Add All Def debuff on Fighting Target.

Inner Balance[edit]

Inner Balance Inner Balance MA only

Jab of the Snake[edit]

Jab of the Snake Jab of the Snake. The starting attack, it is only ever at QL1; it is the only attack that is not a NODROP item

Karmic Fist[edit]

Karmic Fist Karmic Fist. MA only. Just as Ape Fist and Tree are collected in the Temple, this is collected in the Inner Sanctum. 820 Melee AC damage, plus 50% Chance of Stun on Target, 2 sec. The full book can only be collecting all three floors; primarily the second and third floors.


Sappo Sappo


Shen Shen. Does a 4 second Stun on Target with 100% chance, does Damage over Time, Nano DoT, Initiative debuff and Run Speed debuff on Target.

Touch of Sai Fung[edit]

Touch of Sai Fung Touch of Sai Fung. MA only

Tree of Enlightenment[edit]

Tree of Enlightenment Tree of Enlightenment. Instant 290 point Team Heal. MA only; Temple of Three Winds Books: #1 - Cultists, especially Atrox. #2 - Malikai the Faithful, Oran The Faithful Cultists(Atrox in First Room) . #3 - Reverend Dashell, Acolyte Felid, Acolyte Verona. #4 - Acolyte Betany, Acolyte Opal, Reverend Saxx, Reverend Dashell, Acolyte Verona, Acolyte Seleen, Acolyte Kalen, Reverend Oluay. #5 - Acolyte Bryant/Acolyte Seleen/Acolyte Verona. (newly confirmed info-Acolyte Felid) #6 - Exarch Gevarain/Acolyte Seleen.

Upon a Wave of Summer[edit]

Upon a Wave of Summer Upon a Wave of Summer. MA only; requires only Riposte skill. Stuns target, as do many other attacks, but also reduces the duration of snares and roots affecting the user

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