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A Nokken, the primary target of a Kill Person mission

The propagating and mutating properties of Notum make for an environment where even plants can take on characteristics normally seen in animal species.


Parspalum species of Sylvabane

Ranged enemies can continue to fire on you a little longer if they get the jump on you. Consequently they are a little rarer at lower levels. To balance things out, here is a ranged attacker that cannot run after you. It is literally rooted to the spot. Found in the Newland Desert, among other places. The Hollow Island Sapling has this appearance in part of its transformation.


Species of Sylvabane. Part II of the Team Fixer Grid Mission 'Contacts' are specially spawned Cyborgs at Fixer Grid exits, with Lunaspell placeholders.



Nokken are level 120-140 creatures that reside in the The Stret River, The Artery Valley, and Pleasant Meadows. They have multiple heads, with what appears to be foliage growing out of one of them, and a massive body with thick barklike skin. They propel themselves across the ground with stubby pseudopods.

They are large and have a lot of HP so if you happen to see one attack with a team.

Urqhart the Absorber, the unique boss mob of Biodome, is, or looks very much like, a gigantic Nokken.

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