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The tools listed on this page are created by 3rd party developers and are in no way supported by Funcom.

Third party tools make your life in Anarchy Online easier and will often automate/simplify complex tasks or make complex data available in an easy to understand way. All tools on this page are created by the community and for the community, free of charge. If you find a commercially motivated tool on this page, feel free to remove it.

Tools that are no longer supported/available and have a superior version available, will be purged to the bottom of this page. Feel free to discuss the position of specific tools on this page on the discussion page.

Keep in mind, that 3rd party software can be potentially dangerous to your personal or account information and that you should only use programs from sources that you trust. AOwiki, its contributors, and its editors are in no way responsible for any damages (in or out of game) that result from the use of the programs listed here; they are simply listed as a record of what people use in the game. And remember to always try to obtain 3rd party software through the most official channel available, preferably a site owned by the author of the tool.

Character Tools[edit]

AO Setup[edit]

AO Setup is a web site that allows you to shared your toon's configurations and show how much they improve the toon.

AO Skill Emulator[edit]

AOSkills2 is a character emulator, it enables you to perform "what if" scenarios with your character.

Chat Libraries[edit]

Chat libraries are base components for your application to connect to the Anarchy Online chat server.

AOChat (java)[edit]

AOChat (php)[edit]

AOChat (python)[edit]


Chat Tools[edit]


AORC+ is a continued version of AORC. It allows you to chat with other users ingame without actually starting up Anarchy Online.

Chat Alert[edit]

Chat Alert is a program that will notify you verbally when a skill is available in Anarchy Online (such as First Aid, Time and Space, Martial Arts, and so on). The trigger events and the sounds used are completely customizable, so you can add profession specific perk attacks/abilities and use your own sounds if you'd like.

Log Reviewer[edit]

Log Reviewer is a program that will parse out a particular channel in an Anarchy Online chat log file.

Oest's Relay Chat[edit]

An AO chat client written completely in java.


Vha.Chat is a brand new stand-alone chat client for Anarchy Online. It's completely open source and actively maintained and improved.

Damage Dumpers[edit]

AO Damage Meter[edit]

Malis Damage Meter[edit]


TinyDump is a logparser. The goal of TinyDump is not to be omnipotent but to be easy to use. It collects damage and xp/sk/research data and creates scriptfiles for use in Anarchy Online.


  • Author: DoomFlower
  • Site: Doomdump - (Archived)



zDD can parse and show you ingame (using a chain of scripts) the DD list, the tanks list, the healers list and XP/SK/AXP/Research stats. As a bonus it can show you if you've got something sold in your player shop

Other / Deprecated[edit]

Planet Maps[edit]

Saavick's RK Map[edit]

This is the most up-to-date RK planet map for Anarchy Online ; it is based on AoRK/CSP/Huge by Onack/Finnagen/Nepentheia

SL map[edit]

This is the most up-to-date game map for Shadowlands expansion in Anarchy Online ; it is based on the latest AoSL by Onack.

Rubi-ka Huge Map[edit]

This is an old map of Rubi-ka available online and does have an in-game version as well. Last updated for Anarchy Online Patch Version 15.3.

Anarchy Online Map Compiler[edit]

AOMC is a program which converts image files into a format Anarchy Online's planetmap viewer understands for ingame display. It's a must-have tool if you intend to make your own in-game maps.

Implant Tools[edit]

  • TinkerPlants - site (web-based)
  • AO Ladderer - Site (web-based)
  • AO Ladderer - Site (Program)
  • ImplantHelper - Site
  • Nano Nanny - Zip
  • iMatrix - Site Zip
  • Demoder's Search Tool - Site (Defunct)


  • Item Assistant (AOIA) - Creates an inventory of equipment in the bank and equipped by your toons. It runs while you are playing to keep the inventory current. The data collected is stored in a database so it can be browsed both online/offline. The find command makes it very easy to see which toon has a specific item.

The inactive sites below might still be available on the Internet Archive

  • AO Backpack Parser - Thread Site - Similar to the next two backpack parsers with a few more needed options. - Inactive Sites
  • AOIS (Anarchy Online Inventory System) - Thread Site - Inactive Download Sites
  • Pattern Matcher - Thread Site - Inactive Download Sites

Nano Programs[edit]

These tools help in planning for your next nano programs.

  • TinkerNanos site - enter your skills to find nanos you can equip
  • AOGalaxy site - enter your skills to find nanos you can equip. Includes location where get them.
  • Auno site - identifying missing nanos using the toon's Prefs.xml file. Option is as the bottom the nano page.


  • Mish Buddy from MMO Toolbox - Site
  • Malis Mission Roller 2.0 - Site - Pixelmania


  • Darkbane's Clicksaver for 18.5 (with sources): Site Download
  • Kimi's Clicksaver for 3.1.0 - Site
  • Various Clicksaver version at AO Universe - Site
  • Clicksaver for 16.3 - Site


  • AOnow - (Winamp plugin for Anarchy Online (AO)) Site Download
  • XP Calculator - Thread
  • Bandit Sight - Site
  • PetNamer - Site
  • AO-Skintool - Thread Download Support
  • Demoder's GUI Compiler - Thread Download Source
  • Octo's Click! - Site Download Click is useful for any application that requires lots of mouse clicks. For Anarchy Online, it's great for buying large stacks of ammo and other supplies.
  • Unique Mob Database - no site available
  • AO Scripter v2.0 - Site
  • Rubi-Ka Network - Site - Information about characters, organizations and items
  • Running AO on GNU/Linux

Tool Repositories[edit]