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The stream through Wine winds from the waterfall southeast to the valley entrance

Wine is a small city built in the style of Tir, in the near northeast of the Belial Forest zone. The city is built in a small valley, with a waterfall at the northwest end, and the resulting stream running through to the southeast end of the valley. Clan Whompahs from Broken Shores and Varmint Woods link to ones in the town of Wine, in the north near the waterfall. Across the stream from the whompahs is a rare outdoor Surgery Clinic.

Cannons guard the Wine valley

A sign in 'Wine' advertises "O2 Bar", but sadly, there is none to be had. A "Clan Buffer" offers similarly 'disappointing' fare: the Leet Doll and coffee blocks of a normal Toys and Curiosities terminal.

A sign warns "You or Them"; the building it is attached to gives Clan members a chance to do something about that. Through the door, at 2195 x 2185, labelled simply, "Shop", is a Clan Superior Shop.

Neutral guards oversee the Cannon defense of the entrance to the valley in the southeast, and are posted throughout the valley also.

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