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A Single Strand of Glowing Dark Energy Every 18 hours The Gauntlet instance opens up. The side (Clan, Neutral or Omni) which races through the instance first may loot the final boss for "A Single Strand of Glowing Dark Energy" to give to their related NPC. Then everyone on their Side can visit the NPC and receive the Gauntlet buff.

Gauntlet Buff[edit]

Coalescing Energy Cascade Coalescing Energy Cascade , a.k.a. "Gauntlet Buff" was added with patch 18.4.11. It buffs Abilities, hit point, nano pool, earned XP and First Aid Skill. This buff last for 2 hours and uses 0 NCU.

"The "Dark Energy" item may now be turned in to the related NPCs for the proper reward."

The losing sides will need to wait until next time, but win or lose, there are substantial rewards to be looted from the creatures in the instance. If the winning faction does not give the item to their NPC then no Gauntlet buff.

NPCs Granting Buff[edit]

Clan and Omni characters can only receive the buff from their respective NPCs.

  • OMNI players talk to Elliot Fairlane (/waypoint 450 355 710) in Omni Trade East of the whom-pah
  • Clan players talk to Stella Barnes (/waypoint 450 290 540), standing in front of the billboard South of the Tir whom-pah in Old Athen
  • Neutrals can visit either NPC.

Offer up your wrist and receive the nano Coalescing Energy Cascade which last for 2 hours. It buffs abilities and increases earned XP.


  • Max Nano at level 60 300 (1000 at lvl 200)
  • Max Health at level 60 300 (1000 at lvl 200)
  • First Aid 20
  • Strength 10
  • Agility 10
  • Stamina 10
  • Intelligence 10
  • Sense 10
  • Psychic 10
  • Add. Xp 2

This buff lasts for two hours and consumes 0 NCU.


It has become commonplace merely to copy and paste the text (show � your wrist) into chat to alert members of your side that the buff is currently available.


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