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18.4 Update Release Notes[edit]

General Changes:[edit]

  • The Anarchy Online in-game store is now available.
  • New input system is now available. All keys should now be bindable/customizable through the "binds" tab in the F10 options menu.
  • Timers are now available for all temporary items (ie: Grid Armor). Tool tip and Shift+Click will display the item time remaining.
  • New slider in the Tradeskill window to control the level of the result of the tradeskill.
  • It is now possible to lock individual items in the Character Wear window.
  • OFAB Armor is no longer no-drop. Vendors are still only accessible by profession.
  • Nano Icons and NCU icons are now color coded to make it easier to determine their nature at a quick glance.
  • Nano Icons should now display at their correct resolutions in the Programs window and on Shortcut bars.
  • Social Tab can no longer be enabled or equipped to during combat.
  • XP gained with the "XP Gain Disabled" option enabled should now be added to XP pool.
  • Terminating now adds your current unsaved XP to your XP pool.
  • Backpacks looted from monster remains should now be usable as containers for items.
  • Characters should no longer become stuck in "walk mode" after dying and returning to a SL save area.
  • The "You already have this unique item" message should now include the name of the unique item in question.
  • Signet of the Apocalypse/HHAB rings once again should protect from environmental damage while under resurrection sickness.
  • New "Veteran Nano Regain Laboratory" added to the Veteran vendor.
  • New option "Fixed Pet Buttons" in the pet window to lock selection of pets to specific keys and ignore pet spawn order.
  • Added support for automatic renaming of pets on respawn.
  • Right clicking in the loot window should no longer loot the item.
  • Fixed several exploits.

Alien Daily Mission Changes:[edit]

  • The Artifact no longer has a chance of spawning in the Blazing Flames in the "Salvage" Alien daily mission.
  • The Ammunition for the "Give Ammo to Labbe" daily mission should now respawn in random locations in the vicinity of the crashed ship every 5-10 seconds.
  • Adjustments made to select aliens inside Alien Daily mission instances.
  • Cocoon Terminator can now be purchased from the agency store.
  • Agency HQ teleport to Unicorn Outpost can now be used for Missions in the LoX areas.
  • Sector 7 Rufus should stand and move correctly when this action is triggered.
  • Many other small adjustments for a smoother Alien Daily Mission experience.

18.4.1 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • All "movement" bound keys have been reset and will have to be re-bound by users.
  • In chat window alt+arrows now move cursor, alt+shift+arrows selects text and arrows steer character. In other text input modes (ie: GMS fields, Mail), arrows move cursor, shift+arrows selects text and alt+arrows steer character.
  • Mouse scroll-wheel should once again work for affected users.
  • Fixed some rendering issues for ATI/AMD users.
  • Ctrl+Tab should once again change channels in the chat.
  • Alt+Enter should once again switch between chat windows.
  • Hitting the "esc" key with text selected should no longer crash the client.
  • Copy and Pasting should once again work as intended.
  • Added a chat "/open itemstore" command.
  • Corrected "stuttering" when using RMB to adjust camera.
  • Improved and fixed Key Bind systems.
  • Viewing certain item descriptions should no longer crash the client.
  • Free players should once again be able to obtain the Battlestation Daily Mission.
  • Some items broken in the previous version will once again correctly display their bonuses and requirements.
  • Adjusted difficulty in some high-level Alien Daily missions.
  • Corrected several reported daily mission issues.

18.4.2 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • The Holiday Season is here and Santa Leet and his friends will be "present" to share the phatz of the season!
  • Camera Sensitivity should now be the same for both X and Y axis in first person.
  • Stabilized framerate for people who move the mouse "really fast".
  • Daily mission Aliens adjusted again for more challenge between level 195 and 220.
  • Weapon parts for an Alien Daily mission should no longer spawn inside a wall in Sector 10.
  • Fixed several exploits.

18.4.3 Update Notes[edit]

  • 151-174 and 175-214 Battle Station level ranges adjusted: New ranges are 151-200 and 201-214.
  • Key binding for mouse buttons is now enabled.
  • Using the scrollwheel while moving the mouse should no longer cause issues for some users.
  • Dust Brigade Security Codes will now use skill-lock rather than a blocker-nano to govern how often it can be used.
  • More items have received new Docaholic produced icons.
  • Items not intended to be available in-game are now only social in nature with no modifiers.
  • Fixed a few exploits.

Daily Missions: Solo Daily Mission Aliens Tweaks.[edit]

  • Decreased the health, nano resist, and increased vulnerability to crowd control-tools on level 195+ Aliens.
  • Decreased the attack rating of some level 220+ Aliens.

Daily Missions: One Green Hill / One Foggy Hill[edit]

  • The Ottous Bulk and the Enigma Sprout will no longer do damage meaning they can no longer steal kill credit while you're running the mission
  • The normal damage and the critical hits of the Ferocious Ottous has been reduced
  • The aggressive behaviour of the Ferocious Ottous and the Dark Enigma has been adjusted, making them more prone to initiate fight with the Ottous Bulk / Dark Enigma

18.4.4 Update Notes[edit]

  • Ignored users can no longer invite you to private chat channels.
  • Users should no longer crash when modifying text in an input box (ie: adjusting a price in a player shop.)
  • Over-Equiped items will no longer be indicated in inspect functionality of other player's gear.
  • Removed a serious exploit.

18.4.5 Update Notes[edit]

  • Shades are now able to use many, many items they were unable to use before.
  • New advertising system is now live but should function exactly as before.
  • New icons added to many items.

18.4.6 Update Release Notes[edit]

The 10th Anniversary is here! Join the festivities and watch out for the Desert Nomads!
  • Parts of the Anniversary Sauna building are once again available to the brave.
  • Battlestations have updated collision and a new faster transportation system for easier access to Control Points.
  • Being killed by an alien should no longer result in the loss of AXP.
  • Scheol Questline - Knowledge of the Yuttos will now give an appropriate level reward to Shades. Players who have already completed this mission can speak with Vanward Four to get the correct level Necklace (level 150).
  • Elite Daily Mission: Mantis Hive II - will now give the full reward after the fourth step...bonus XP can be received by completing the rest of the mission chain and defeating the Mantis Queen.
  • Elite Daily Mission: Hollow Island - will now give a full daily mission reward for killing 8 of the 10 Brood Champions. (previously required all 10.)
  • It will be possible to level Morphing Memory DOWN as well as up depending on what it is possible for your character to equip.
  • Many original new icons have been added to old items.
  • Duels can no longer be rejected after the duel begins.
  • Thongs should no longer have green pixels around them on some character models.
  • Subdued Flow of Novictum is no longer a Unique item.
  • It should no longer be possible to jump and the wrong time and block the removal of the Prototype Formula required for completing a daily mission.
  • Leveling up should no longer cause mission chains to get stuck in Elysium mission lines.
  • Nascence Key quest should now properly be obtainable only once.
  • The Holiday Hovering Lantern may now be tradeskilled to wear in your shoulder slot
  • Redeemed Gilthar should now have the same drop chances as Unredeemed Dalja
  • Bracer of Focused Concentration now adds Defense modifier instead of projectile damage modifier for higher QL of the item.
  • Power of the Mind no longer has an equipment delay and will add max health and nano instead of the nano damage modifier that only affects weapons dealing nano damage.
  • Power of the Muscle no longer has an equipment delay and will now buff max health instead of body development like the other AI bracers.

18.4.7 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • Resolution of the Mission and Corpse ID database issue that caused unplanned downtime on Atlantean on June 21st, 2011. There should now be 10 more years worth of missions and corpses on both dimensions.

18.4.8 Update Release Notes[edit]

New Content[edit]

  • The final Dust Brigade door is now open. See if you can survive the most challenging DB Team instance yet.
  • Many, many more daily missions added for more regular and alien missions.

Daily Mission changes[edit]

  • Wider level ranges are now associated with lower level Elite Daily Missions (available to a wider range of player levels).
  • Unicorn Outpost teleporter moved from the Senior Handler room to the Alien Handler room.
  • Everyone able to go into APF is now offered to take the alien team daily mission in the APF sector.
  • Daily Mission: Bar Run - No longer available to players 200-220 (now available to 175-199).
  • Daily Mission: Spaced Out - Cocoons should no longer be aggressive resulting in attack message spam.
  • Daily Mission: The Contingent Spy - The NPCs associated with this mission no longer have a chance of attacking you while you're hiding in the box.

Battlestation Changes[edit]

  • The time spent in Decon on Battlestations has been adjusted and the heal will no longer continue outside the Decontamination room.
  • Battlestation control points are no longer capturable during grace period.
  • The Fixer debuff "Luck's Improved Capricious Consequence" will now be cleared in the Battlestation Decontamination room.

Item & Nano Changes[edit]

  • Shade nano "Defeat Righteousness" has now been replaced with a new nano "Shade's Caress". If you had Defeat Righteousness you will now have the new version instead.
  • New Stims and Rechargers are now available in the shops, they can be used in both RK and SL. The requirements of the new kits are First Aid OR Treatment. The new stims require First Aid.
  • Old-style Stims and Rechargers removed from shops. These will continue to drop in missions and from mobs. They may be tradeskilled into the new-style Stims & Rechargers with use of an item available for sale in RK general stores (QL 1-200) or for sale in Inferno (QL 200+).
  • Ancient Novictum Refiner can now be bought from the Yutto Tools vendors. It is pricey when purchased directly from the Yuttos but may also be obtained for free from a short quest.
  • Attempting to tradeskill a stack of items should now give proper feedback.
  • Old "Throw Snowball" nanos may now be used on players, new snowball nano now has a cast and hit effect.
  • Lower-level Adventurer nanos in the "Lick Wounds" line no longer give error messages when uploading.
  • Removed Adventuring requirement from Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses.
  • OFAB Adventurer Protective Gear now requires same skills as the rest of the OFAB Adventurer gear.
  • Mr. Squeaky Lantern + Screwdriver tradeskill process should now work properly.
  • Manex armor tradeskill process no longer consumes the screwdriver.
  • Profiteer's Helper can now be equipped using right-click.
  • Desert Nomad shoulder pad should now be visible on Atroxes at all QLs.
  • The Level 200 Hacker Tool is now called "Advanced Hacker Tool".
  • Basic Cloak is now properly a Back item and not a Head item.

Mission, Encounter & NPC Changes[edit]

  • Many high level monsters will now have their originally intended level of Initiative skills. This will make some monsters hit faster and be more difficult to debuff.
  • Dust Brigade Boss Aune will now stop you briefly before and after summoning you to the center of the great machine.
  • Drake Rodriguez will accept the Improved Bracer during SL start-up missions.
  • The Young Silvertail should once again actually return to his herd.
  • Removed several places where it was possible to break the Nascence Key Quest by closing the chat too quickly.
  • The pocket boss pattern for the Scheol Garden Quest will now drop with the same reliability for both Omni and Clan.
  • The Unredeemed Visionist for the Scheol Garden quest is now located in the Unredeemed Temple.
  • Urns for the Scheol quest now respawn properly every minute or so.
  • The pattern for Infernal Demon (Adonis Sanctuary) now drops from Ghosts and Spirits in Adonis. This pattern no longer drops from sided monsters.
  • Key to Camas Sanctuary quest should once again work as intended and be possible to complete.
  • Grace period removed from most sided monsters in Shadowlands (only quest related monsters should now have this 10-min grace period).

World Changes[edit]

  • The exit in the ruin in Arid Rift can now be accessed at any time.
  • Coast Of Peace grid exit moved to prevent exiting into a city building.

GUI & Code Changes[edit]

  • Feedback regarding player level given by elevators to Alien Sector 10, 13, 28 and 35 should now be less confusing.
  • Inferface for /help updated: no more broken links or outdated information.

Misc. Changes[edit]

  • Camera position in Wolf Morph adjusted to make for less clipping in geometry for less obscured views.
  • Improved animation on all "Shadowlands"-style portals, as well as allowing them to be clicked from both sides.
  • Notum Wars towers should once again explode properly when they are destroyed.
  • Fixed several exploits.
  • Fixed various typos.

18.4.10 Update Release Notes[edit]

  • The large flames should no longer instantly kill players randomly at the beginning of the DB3 instance without warning first.
  • Unintended "dead spaces" in the "Flame Boss" room that over-simplified the instance have been removed.
  • Collision issues preventing players from completing the new Graffiti Daily missions should now be removed.
  • Creator Module, Escape Module, Assistance Module and the Assault Module now also modify Bow.
  • Fixed an issue where some DB3 loot added to the same skill twice.
  • The crates in the second DB3 boss room can no longer be recreated with the use of Boss Calm nanos.
  • HOT effect from High Level new rechargers increased. Benefit to High Level players from low level rechargers decreased.
  • New rechargers should now be possible to use when a team member is in combat in a different playfield.
  • The Throw Snowball nano should no longer put the target in nano-recharge and will now heal the target for an overpowered 1 health.
  • Fixed a server crash.

18.4.11 Update Release Notes[edit]

New Content[edit]

  • The Gauntlet is now available! This high-level encounter may be accessed in Pandemonium every seventeen hours.
  • Halloween has come to Rubi-Ka once more! Uncle Pumpkinhead can be found all across the planet, spreading his special brand of tricks and treats to all comers.
  • The Entvined have decided to assault the Enigmas this Halloween and only you can stop them! Speak to Frankenleet in any major city to see how you can help the poor Enigma Grove Sage in Enigmas vs. Entvined!

Daily Mission changes[edit]

  • Daily Mission: Foreman's Grafitti: Propaganda signs in 4 Holes should now be placed correctly.
  • Daily Mission: Famous Last Words: "Phil and the Gofles page 1457" now correctly states that it is not from the manuscript needed for the mission.

Item & Nano Changes[edit]

  • New Global Research "Research Attunement Device - Tradeskills" item has been added to the OFAB vendor.
  • Engineer Trimmer items no longer use or require nanopool.

Mission, Encounter & NPC Changes[edit]

  • Damage from the 'warning shot' fire spheres in DB3 instance reduced.
  • DOJA chips now have a minimum/maximum level at which they may be turned in.

World Changes[edit]

  • The Vanguards in Old Athens have fancy new armour and brand new signage to show off.
  • NPCs Elliot Fairlane added to Omni-Trade, Stella Barnes added to Old Athen. These NPCs are very interested in a particular item you might stumble across in The Gauntlet...

GUI, Art & Code Changes[edit]

  • A boatload of new hand-crafted Docaholic icon shininess.
  • First run of new sezmra-fied armour texture updates.
  • Shadowlands 'main zone' portals (IE: Portal to Scheol) should now display correctly.
  • Seriously, Notum Wars towers should explode again - We mean it this time.

18.4.12 Update Release Notes[edit]

Content Alterations[edit]

The Gauntlet[edit]

  • Adds for each boss now begin spawning only after the boss has been first attacked - No more zoning up a floor to get ganked by an army of Shadows.
  • Vizaresh now announces his arrival, and has a ten-minute window in which he cannot be attacked.
  • Feedback added to the entrance portal stating that your team must not be in a raid in the final 'open' area. Portal to the open area will not allow you to teleport if you are in a raid, and offers feedback.
  • Some texture brushups and general mob tweaks.
  • The "Dark Energy" item may now be turned in to the related NPCs for the proper reward.

The Collector[edit]

  • Team members may now speak to the Secretary again to rejoin their team mates within the final boss area.
  • All team members may now use the special "Gravity Shift" action within the Collector area with impunity - All previous profession restrictions have been removed.

Dust Brigade 3[edit]

  • Module items should now be returned to their proper drop rates.

Item Alterations[edit]

  • SSC "Bastion" Armour set now has lowered requirements (1000 abilities for all three levels of the armour piece).
  • SSC "Bastion" Armour set now correctly gives -%Nanocost instead of +%Nanocost
  • Infused Hardcore CPU Upgrade now correctly gives -%Nanocost instead of +%Nanocost
  • Jet trail effect from the Phasefront Besom - Sky Sweeper removed and no longer jutting out of the character's head

NPC & Mob Alterations[edit]

  • Unicorn Trooper NPCs should no longer summon players that attack them.
  • Daily Mission - Emergency Call: The "distressed" NPC should now be immune to AoE attacks.

GUI, Art & Code Alterations[edit]

  • Textures for Sentinel Chest/Helmet and Senpai Gloves/Helmet should now display correctly and with their updated, sezmra-fied textures.

18.4.13 Update Release Notes[edit]

Content Alterations[edit]

  • Pocket Bosses will no longer remove most of your health.
  • The Gauntlet should no longer cause issues with multiple boss spawns.
  • You can now ask John Smith for up to 3 Battle Station daily missions per day.
  • Daily Mission: Emergency Call should now function correctly for level 219 players. It should also resolve correctly for team members.
  • Daily Mission: Graffiti. The Omni-Tek and Clan propaganda signs now have the correct names.
  • Inside the Ruins in Arid Rift will no longer reset if left for a short period of time (only the solo instance).
  • Daily Mission: Rats/Bugs! Will no longer reset if you leave it, and if you fail you can restart by talking to the Exterminator NPC.
  • Shades: Should now be able to obtain spirits more easily from a new pocket boss in Shadowlands.
  • The Cup is no longer missing a Bartender
  • Penumbra Questline now offers a new Bureaucrat nano crystal reward: Carlita Desposito. If you have already completed this quest line speak to the yutto again to get the reward. The old nano can still be obtained via Rubi-Ka missions terminals, and it is no longer no drop.
  • Fixed various exploits

Item Alterations[edit]

  • New MA weapon and tradeskill added to the Beast
  • The ancient novictum refiner should once again be tradeable.
  • New stims/rechargers have been added as loot of npcs in dungeons on Rubi-Ka
  • Treatment kits can now be used on pets out of combat.

NPC & Mob Alterations[edit]

  • Notum Scourge in Penumbra should no longer be spawning underground
  • Daring Syndrome (AI hostile monster nano from Alien Generals) removed.

Sector 10 Specific Changes[edit]

  • Removed snare towers.
  • Emergency Exits have been added throughout the area.
  • Bosses are no longer rooted.
  • Bosses will now be fought in team/solo instances available at the entrance.

GUI, Art & Code Alterations[edit]

  • The Throw Snowball nanos have a new unique icon.

18.4.14 Update Release Notes[edit]

Content Alterations[edit]

  • Sector 10 should now create private team and solo instances
  • Obtaining and constructing the pieces for 'Wistful Apparition' is now less difficult
  • All PVP missions should once again offer an SK reward if you are level 200 or higher
  • DM - A-Pods: The difficulty of the pod spawn has been decreased
  • DM - Inner Sanctum: The quest description has been updated to reflect that any combination of the said cult members can be killed to get the reward
  • Fixed an exploit

Item Changes[edit]

  • All higher quality Shade Spirits can now be combined with Xan Beta Symbiants
  • The Full Data Receptacle Container is no longer consumed when accidentally used on a Grid Terminal
  • The Tiny Sword and The Leet Spine Sword now have appropriate melee combat ranges
  • The snow speeder can now only be used on Rubi-Ka as intended
  • The snow blower should now function correctly
  • The snowflake shirt will now display correctly

NPC & Mob Alterations[edit]

  • Omni Unicorn Squadleader Fixx is now carrying a weapon

GUI, Art & Code Alterations[edit]

  • City plot in Deep Artery Valley has been adjusted in order to fit the intended amount of buildings
  • Hecklers are no longer covered in festive snow

18.4.15 Update Release Notes[edit]

Valentine's Day Celebration[edit]

  • New Love themed missions is available from Adrienne Lefebvre in Borealis!

Encounter Alterations[edit]

  • "Amesha Vizaresh" in Pandemonium will now announce the spawn timer for this encounter.
  • We fixed a small issue with Azi Dahaka's Reflect Shield.
  • We removed the ability for some of the Vahman's adds to use actions such as DOT's and Fears.
  • We reduced the amount of fires that will spawn during first phase of the encounter with Vahman.
  • We fixed an issue with the mechanic that should allow Shrarosha to boost it's damage.

GUI, Art & Code Alterations[edit]

  • Characters can now enter into a solo instance of the Sector 10 boss area.
  • We fixed a problem that was causing server crashes.
  • We fixed various exploits.

Item Changes[edit]

  • 'Improved Nano Repulsor' and 'Improved Instinctive Control' can be used by Agents in False Profession.
  • The 'Cerset Zapper Rifle' range is increased to match the 'Solar-Powered Rifle'.
  • The cooldown of 'Shadowlands Recall Beacon' available from the Veteran vendor is lowered to match the Rubi-Ka version.
  • We fixed various typos

Quest Changes[edit]

  • We have modified XP rewards for Shadowlands Quests to offer maximum benefits to players of the intended level range of the zone. Players beyond this level range will receive an appropriate amount of XP/SK relative to the overall difficulty of the zone. Displaying the reward from the mission window will tell you how much XP/SK you will get for completing the quest.
  • Token rewards will no longer be available from the Shadowlands Garden and Sanctuary quests.
  • Thanks to Docaholic, all all garden key icons have gotten some polish.
  • We improved the drop-rate for all items required for the Dodga/Alvin quest line.