Dust Brigade

A paramilitary group that is at the heart of many Anarchy Online quests and storylines.

The first appearance of the Brigade was on the 7th of October, 29466, when over a thousand Omni-Tek soldiers, their insurance patterns sabotaged so that they could not be regenerated, went to their final death.

The Dust Brigade are by no means supporters of the Clans or Neutrals, either. They wiped out the original Council of Truth, and practically besieged the city of Newland for years.

The Dust Brigade repeatedly meddles in Rubi-Ka politics. Both their simple threats and intimidation against politicians and wholesale slaughter of entire factions have affected RK history in significant ways, perhaps with unintended consequences.

Minor attacks, particularly in the Newland City area, were the only sign of the group for eleven years after their first strike, whereupon evidence surfaced that the Brigade was involved with the ostensible protectors of the city, the OT mercenaries lead by Loren Warr, brother of Ian Warr. This lead to an alliance of previously aligned forces into a coalition to oust the mercenary forces. The alliance proposed the 'Neutral Guard Initiative' that trained and paid for the first 'Newland Militia'.

At about the same time, Henry Radiman was working to unite the Clans interests under the single banner of a reunited Council of Truth. Assertions were made in a concerted series of Omni speeches and news reports that Radiman and the Clans were sympathetic to, supported, had connections with, or were powerless to stop the Dust Brigade (it could not have been all those things). This despite the fact that the Dust Brigade had destroyed the original Council. The campaign of rhetoric and propaganda to promote guilt by association was among the reasons Radiman removed himself from consideration as the Council's leader.

The leader of the New Dawn, pro-peace and the third largest Clan group after the Sentinels and Knights, stepped down after the DB threatened him with perma-death.

Omni-Tek has often given the reason, when occupying areas such as Sabulum, that their forces are protecting the residents from the Dust Brigade. Omni politicians conflate their own portrayal of the Clans as rogue factions and traitors with their reporting of all Dust Brigade attacks as terrorism, as they did with Henry Radiman and the Council of Truth.

Members of the Dust Brigade have the battle cry, "Dust to dust!" The dangerous rogue R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit also processes this sound file, whether by coincidence or some connection with the Brigade.

A long series of quests is initiated by Peacekeeper Constad, who may be found at the ICC HQ (formerly in the 'Nepal' region of Andromeda at coordinates 3260 x 920). The Brigade also has an outpost in Perpetual Wastelands, in the cleansed warrens of a former 'Mantis Hive'.

Both the quests (with items requiring level 210 up) and the outpost raid (with items requiring level 205 up) can be completed by any level of player, but they typically offer item rewards for characters with expansions only; although they are not tagged as expansion-only, free characters can only advance to level 200. An exception to this rule is the Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit, usable by characters 180 and up.

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