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An Omni-Tek Shuttle hovers at the ICC's APF Launchpad in the Andromeda zone

Sector 10 is an Alien Playfield (APF). Sector 10 is for players up to level 150. Recommended level range is 130-150.

A Unicorn transport lifts off from Andromeda every 10 minutes to take Rubi-Ka citizens of all factions to the Alien sectors. Sector 10 is an organized raid with formal rules of conduct but welcome to all who abide by those rules.

Specific Raid Information[edit]

From the Start to the Middle (Mid) area

To get into the main part of Sector 10 you must first pass the first fence. The first fence, directly in front of where you start raids, should be gone through with care. The left and right posts are armed and will cause you to instantly die if you go too near them, keep close to the center post and you will be fine.

Surprisingly agile for such bulky craft, the APF transports all with authorization who step into the blue circle to aid in the fight against the Aliens

Once past the first fence you will start encountering aliens. The first type of alien you will probably encounter is your bog standard ensigns and generals. Sector 10 ensigns (the type IIs even more so) have quite high HP for their level; however they are honestly quite easy on their own, even solo. There might also be an alien larvae or two around here, so use the device you picked up on the mission on them, alien larvae are nasty little buggers and can hit upwards of 2k. Generals and Alien Comm Officers are capable of uncalming mobs nearby, so be sure to calm/kill them asap. They can and will pose a problem at times, when they uncalm everything and create chaos. Recalm nearby mobs as quickly as possible, and focus on killing the Gen/Comm Officer.

Pushing on through the left branch of the ravine the next thing you will encounter is probably going to be a regeneration conduit. These do no damage however they must be killed as they cast AoE snares, they have little HP so rangers should fire from a distance at them to minimize the amount of people snared. If you get snared please use free movement stims as fast as possible, especially if you are a support healer as the AoE snare also lowers nano init.

Passing the regeneration conduit you will probably encounter the first of the large AoE nuking type IIs. Callers should pick these out first as they are a pain for the raid force. Support healers should heal their team as much as they can provided the tank's HP is not too low. If the tank s HP is low support healers should avoid this and concentrate on the tank, should this happen team members who feel that their HP is too low should sit down and heal quickly. The AoE nukes are honestly not very strong and shouldn't be the slightest bit of trouble for an experienced raid force.

At this point you will also probably encounter alien 'vectors', which look like extremely large versions of Zixx. Vectors are hard hitting monsters, however they have relatively low HP so like type AoE nuking type IIs vectors should be targeted first, possibly even before the AoE nukers.

The raid force should then carry on following the same path until they reach a point where the area widens. There are no branches in the ravine until the wide space except for the first left. There will be no monsters other that the ones previously mentioned.

The Middle (Mid) area and boss

Upon reaching the middle area, kill/calm all the mobs along the South wall. If you plan on just calming the mobs on the South wall, it is advised to AoE snare them first, and then calm them, to help keep them out of the picture once the boss fight begins. As an extra precaution the group along the East wall can be snared/calmed as well. Once the mobs are dealt with, assemble your team on the South wall and buff for battle. Cast any reflects you have, especially on the tank. AoE offensive auras may be used now as well, although if you chose to calm nearby mobs that isn t advisable.

The Boss. The Middle boss has 2 tricks up his sleeve, and both involve spawning things. The first thing he will spawn are Alien Defense Systems, little balls that nuke underneath themselves for 20k. Crats and fixers should spam the boss with AoE snares as soon as these balls are spawned. Targeting the boss while casting the snare will affect all the balls. The second spawn is multiple Alien Larvae. Crats should AoE calm these (nearly 100% chance of calming), and then the team should use beacons on them asap. This boss has a 1 hour respawn.

The Fight. The tank goes in first, and make sure to have the rest of the team wait a moment to allow the tank to establish aggro. Agents should wait a little extra with their Aimed Shot (AS). Keep to the South-West of the boss as much as possible, to avoid adds from the East. DD profs focus on doing damage, Support profs do damage and keep an eye out for adds. Crats and Fixers always be ready to AoE snare. If for some reason some balls do not get snared (usually because the person doing the snaring got warped at a bad moment) the team needs to kite around on the S-SW side and avoid the nukes until the balls can be snared, and despawn. Eventually this boss will die. If the team wipes after getting the boss HP low, do not give up. The second time after a wipe the boss (in my experience) does not spawn any adds until his HP is lower then you got it the first time, and sometimes will not spawn any adds the 2nd fight.

The advised method of dealing with loot is to have 1 designated looter for everything (pick someone trustworthy!) and then have the team roll all the loot at the end of the entire raid.

From the Mid area to the East and West areas:

The start of the East and the West areas are the two gaps that you saw previously. The team leader will pick one to do and instruct the team to continue down it. The monsters and the process of killing/calming them is exactly the same as it was from the start to the mid.

On the way to the East the team should hug the North wall to prevent adds, on the way to the West the team should hug the South wall.

On the ways to both the East and West the team should continue going straight until the second right. After the second right, on both the East and the West sides, you will encounter the second type of fence. The second type of fence requires you to press a Biological Transceiver on the floor before entering. When you press the item a yellow shield that takes 10 NCU will be cast on you. Make sure you have the yellow shield in your NCU before crossing the fence. If you do not have the shield in your NCU the fence will kill you.

After passing the fence continue straight on until you hit a second fence of the same type, repeat the fence process and you are in either the East or West areas.

If you are at the East area you do not have to clear any adds, just stand near the tree to the left of the fence and begin buffing.

If you are in the West area hug the West wall and clear/calm the aliens around it until you reach a blue crystal relatively near the boss, you should stand here and prepare for the boss fight. There is usually a high level Immature Alien Vector nearby, which makes a nice charm pet.

East Boss

The East is probably the easiest of all bosses since his special only summons adds. One of the adds he can summon looks like another boss, but it has low HP and doesn t hit very hard. Focus on DD and stay as close as possible to the tank and you will be fine. Make sure to have someone deal with the adds to keep them off the doc. This boss will go down easy. He has a 2 hour respawn.

West Boss

The West boss special is a large nano drain. This can be a problem for soldiers when tanking, as they usually won t be able to TMS a 2nd time. The nano drain will only affect people who are attacking the boss, so simply don t have the doc attack. (There are some who think the nano drain is AoE, but I don t think this is true. To be completely safe, have the doc stay back a ways.) This boss has lower HP then the others, so he should go down in no time. He has a 2 hour respawn. Due to the long path taken to get to West boss, many teams choose to grid out after this, and meet back at the entrance to head to the North boss.

From the Mid area to the North area:

Note: The North area is bugged. There are a few level 250 aliens, including the Alien Patrol, which in turn spawn level 250 cocoons. I have yet to see a team survive once someone is cocooned.

The North area is the hardest of all areas. The reason it is so difficult is that the way to the North is tightly packed with aliens so they need to be pulled carefully to avoid agro.

To enter the way to the North area you should go back to where you killed the boss at the mid area then walk North into the gap. The team needs to be especially careful about keeping tightly packed in order to minimize the amount of adds. Watch for groups of Generals/Comm Officers here.

The raid force should keep following the right branches and ignoring the left in order to proceed towards the North area.

There are two gates of the second type that the raid force needs to get past, please read the section of getting to the East and West areas for more information on how to do this.

Once the raid force gets past the second gate they need to be extremely careful to hug the West wall. Keep an eye out for alien patrol, and avoid them at all costs, else the whole team is likely to die. The best course of action I have found is for the team to continue moving along the West wall, even if not all mobs are calmed. For some reason the mobs quit following after a short while. It can be helpful to AoE snare as you move.

The North Boss

The North boss is also relatively easy, once he is reached. His special is a small area to be covered by alien napalm, which is a 2s tick 1k dot. Just keep moving to avoid the napalm. This boss has a 2 hour respawn.

Explanation of Damage/Reflect Shields

If you plan to team with a crat and use calms as the means to travel between bosses, then reflect/damage shields, symbs that give damage shields, and points in the Bio Cocoon perkline should be avoided. The reason for this is because many aliens have long casting time with nukes, so after being calmed their nuke can finish being cast and do damage. If the nuke hits someone with a damage/reflect shield, the alien will take a small amount of damage and will no longer be calmed. This poses the greatest problem when the mob in question is a General or Comm Officer, because those can only be calmed by a special calm, and they can only be affected by it once every 30(?) minutes, which means no re-calming. The situation is made worse by the fact that Generals and Comm Officers are both capable of uncalming nearby aliens. For this reason a damage/reflect shield can (and often does) lead to major problems when calming, and should be avoided if possible.


Boss loot with general drop rates

Name / general drop rate

- Inactive Alien Tank Armor / Common, at least every other boss.

- Inactive Empty Alien Augmentation Device / Uncommon, roughly every 4-5 bosses.

- Inactive Alien Beacon / Common, at least every other boss, possibly more than one per boss.

- Inactive Alien Reflex Modifier / Common, at least every other boss, possibly more than one per boss.

- Inactive Alien Battery / Common, at least every other boss, possibly more than one per boss.

- Inactive Alien Material Conversion Kit / Relatively common, one every few bosses.

- Inactive Alien Translation Device / Relatively common, one every few bosses.

- Viralbots, Strong Lead/Enduring Lead/Arithmetic Lead/Spiritual Lead/Supple Lead / relatively common, one every few bosses, I find enduring and spiritual tend to be more common than the others however. Roughly around ql 150.

- CRUs around 25% (not rolled), practically every boss.

Normal Loot

- Alien Activation Crystal

- All types of Kyr ozch weapons. QLs 100-150.

- Solid Clumps of Kyr Ozch Bio-Material, various types and QLs

- Alien Data Storage Crystals, Combat/Defense/Insight/Medical/Nano Technology/Protection/Technical.

- Alien Armor Materials

- Hacker ICE-Breaker Source (exchanged for a 100% CRU)

Unicorn guards are posted to the transport launching pad to protect the mega-million credit ships, but are forbidden by the ICC from harassing Clans or Neutrals

Trade Skill Information[edit]

Requirements: 450 Mechanical Engineering

Note: Unless stated otherwise none of these items are no drop.

Trade Skill Tools - these tools are non-consumable

Inactive Alien Material Conversion Kit + Alien Activation Crystal = Alien Material Conversion Kit

Inactive Alien Translation Device + Alien Activation Crystal = Alien Translation Device


Inactive Alien Reflex Modifier + Alien Activation Crystal = Alien Reflex Modifier

Inactive Alien Beacon + Alien Activation Crystal = Alien Beacon

Inactive Alien Battery + Alien Activation Crystal = Alien Battery


HUDs can be made for:

Alien Data Storage Crystals, Combat/Defense/Insight/Medical/Nano Technology/Protection/Technical

I will use Combat as an example.

Alien Data Storage Crystal - Combat + Alien Translation Device = Translated Alien Data Storage Crystal - Combat

Inactive Empty Alien Augmentation Device + Alien Activation Crystal = Empty Alien Augmentation Device

Translated Alien Data Storage Crystal - Combat + Empty Alien Augmentation Device = Alien Augmentation Device - Combat

Alien Tank Armor

Inactive Alien Tank Armor + Alien Activation Crystal = Alien Tank Armor

Improved and Perfect Alien Tank Armor

Alien Material Conversion Kit + Alien Armor Materials = Processed Alien Armor Materials

You need two Processed Alien Armor Materials for a Perfect Alien Tank Armor.

Improved and Perfect Alien Tank Armors are No Drop so this final step has to be completed by you.

Alien Tank Armor + Processed Alien Armor Materials = Improved Alien Tank Armor

Improved Alien Tank Armor + Processed Alien Armor Materials = Perfect Alien Tank Armor (Auno lists the name as Perfected however in-game the name is actually Perfect) Nanomage Enhanced Alien Tank Armor

Processed Alien Armor Materials (see previous section) + Alien Material Conversion Kit = Specialised Alien Armor Materials

Nanomage Enhanced Alien Tank Armor is no drop so this final step has to be completed by you. Improved Alien Tank Armor + Specialized Alien Armor Materials = Nanomage Enhanced Alien Tank Armor

The Role of Each Profession:[edit]

Adventurer: As an adventurer you are a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Your main role will be DD, as well as extra healing. Unfortunately your calms are useless, because the AoE got reduced to 5m, and the mobs have to be not aggroed. Make sure not to perk Bio Cocoon or run any dmg shields.

Agent: As usual, your role is DD. Be careful not to AS too early on bosses and steal agro, because as you know, you are squishy. 2 FP s stand out as being most useful: Doc and NT. As a doc you can help heal the tank, because CH shouldn t steal agro. As an NT you provide the team (especially the doc/crat) with a source of nano and other very useful buffs.

Bureaucrat: You have 2 roles. Between bosses, you are a calmer. Spam your AoE, and use Junior Last Minute Negotiations to calm Comm Officers, Generals, and any other pesky mob. Just remember that the duration is only 42s for that calm. Upon reaching bosses, your role becomes stunner/add control, while your bot/charm pets contributes to DD. Specific tactics are required of you against the Mid boss. Your nano Malaise of Motivation works against the bosses as a minor UBT.

Doctor: Healer. UBT rarely lands (if ever), so just focus on keeping the team alive. During boss fights use mainly CH to keep the tank alive. Keep an eye on your nano pool. Never attack the West boss; in fact, don t even target him.

Enforcer: You are a tank, and when necessary, minor crowd control. Make sure you don t have any perk points in bio cocoon, and no dmg/reflect shields (I ll explain why later). Try to have as much HP as possible, and evade close. If calm mobs should happen to break and all agg the doc, Mongo can save the team, since it keeps the doc alive, and gives the crat time to recalm everything. Use mongo sparingly, usually only for the HP/HoT against bosses.

Engineer: Your role is DD against the bosses, and providing reflect shields against the bosses if the team has no soldier. It is usually wisest to not even pop your bot until the team is preparing for the boss fight, to prevent the pet from ruining things as it does so well.

Fixer: Your role is DD, and assisting with AoE snares against the Mid boss. With a good crit setup and an SMG, you can be one of the top DDs in a team. Fixers in GA IV with a good defensive setup and a lot of OBs can even solo the 3 edge bosses.

Keeper: Your main role is DD, but you are valuable for the auras you provide, especially nano and ward. With a Copy of the Excalibur your damage output will be enormous.

Martial Artist: Damage is what you were made to do, and DD is your role. You will find some aliens you will crit 100% against, which will make your dps skyrocket. Be careful not to steal aggro in boss fights, and when necessary be willing to provide backup healing.

Meta-Physicist: You re a support role, providing damage, healing, and even the ability to mezz adds while fighting the bosses. If NSD works on the bosses, it *may* stop their special abilities, but I have never tested this. Definitely give it a shot, because if it does stop their specials, the fights just became immensely less difficult.

Nano-Technician: You are a support role to the max. Your single calms land just as well as crat calms, so you can help with mezzing aliens that aren t affected by the AoE calm. Against bosses, your role is to calm adds, and NR drain the bosses (might help NSD/UBT possibly land). If the tank has extra NCU for it, spam him/her with absorbs to majorly reduce the docs work. Use SL nukes to avoid taunting anything.

Shade: You are a major DD, end of story. Run stun procs/perks against bosses as much as possible, as they will be invaluable in slowing damage against the tank. Be careful not to steal agro, you are squishy.

Soldier: You are arguably the best tank, and you also fill the role as a major DD. Make sure not to run any reflects until it is time to fight the bosses. For boss fights, use SL reflect, so you have something still when TMS goes down. The West boss will be the hardest for you to tank because of the nano drain.

Trader: You are a support role, and a sort of jack-of-all-trades. You can provide nano for the team, your umbral will help calms land easier, and you can calm adds and single mobs. A weapon with a high max damage is your best choice, to maximize damage output. Be willing to assist in healing if necessary.

Portions of this guide info taken from AO forums, posted by Xalris, then heavily modified by me (Hayedid)

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