Profession Items

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Mostly easy to find, mostly froob items locked to specific professions.

  • Aggression Enhancer Aggression Enhancer from basic Shops. Everyone who ever solos (so, basically, everyone) needs this (at any QL). It is one of, if not the only way, to pull] single mobs out from a pack, at extreme range. Can be upgraded to Aggression Enhancer (Jealousy Augmented), but that's only for tank professions, who will want the Taunt from their Aggro Enhancers to be as high level as possible
  • Small Ebony Figurine Small Ebony Figurine - Changes to fit different professions

Adventurer Items[edit]

Pilgrim Seeker Armor
Unhallowed Carapace of the Infernal Tyrant Armor

Agent Items[edit]

Shadowfade Armor
Gloomfall Armor

Bureaucrat Items[edit]

Bureaucrat Suit
Meister's Reinforced Suit

Doctor Items[edit]

Enforcer Items[edit]

Pilgrim Protector Armor
Eyemutant Sinew Armor

Engineer Items[edit]

Trimmer - Improve Actuators
Mechanical Analyzer

Fixer Items[edit]

Lock Pick of Eight - parts from Hollow Island
Implant Disassembly Clinic - any profession can use, but only Fixer can wear

Keeper Items[edit]

MetaPhysicist Items[edit]

Pilgrim Visionary Armor

Nanotechnician Items[edit]

Notum Saturated Metaplast Armor

Shade Items[edit]

Soldier Items[edit]

Trader Items[edit]

Advanced Salesman's Hat
Barter Armor