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Cliff Malle at the old starting area, ICC Shuttleport


High level, reclusive, very large enemies; very different to the ubiquitous critters at low levels

Pit Lizard[edit]

The Pit Lizards are typically found in highly isolated, poorly developed cavern systems and mountain range borderlands. One form, the Obsidian Pit Lizard, is only known to occur in a highly isolated cavern system, almost completely inaccessible from the outside.

Pit Lizards have developed full flight and the ability to breathe fire, searing prey to a crisp from afar. Indeed, the fire-breath of a Pit Dragon is the most devestating attack of any wild animal on Rubi-Ka.

Organization: Individuals. Behavior: Aggressive. Frequency: Very Rare. Size: Very Large

Individual Species: Basalt Pit Lizard, Gneiss Pit Lizard, Granite Pit Lizard, Rhyolite Pit Lizard, Obsidian Pit Lizard

Locations: The Fouls Plains, Milky Way, Mort

Others: Thunder Lizard and Quake Lizard, Central Artery Valley

Quake Lizard[edit]

Two Dyna Camps in Belial Forest, both level 175 bosses, with minions 135-140:

  1. 820, 1940
  2. 900, 740


Malles are fairly rare, nonaggressive critters only found at low levels. They have one Dyna Camp in Omni Forest, a level 3-5 at coordinates 380, 1500. They have thick, swollen bodies with smooth shiny skin and rounded heads, as opposed to Lizards' relatively lean scaly bodies and sleek heads, looking even more pointed and sharp than they actually are due to their forked tongues.


"Mornitor" iguana

A much more common type of Lizard, found in the Deserts, the Backyards, many places. Also found at lower levels. Dyna Camp (Igruana) sy 380, 3180 in Omni Forest, a level 5-6


Grecko outside Newland City. Their bodies are quite stout, as can best be seen from above

Small, sturdy animals, Greckos are, like many animals on Rubi-Ka, a mutated version of an Earth animal brought to Rubi-Ka to aid in terraforming the planet.

Ubiquitous at very low levels, they thin out fast; there are very few medium level examples of this animal.


  • Agrama : Northwest Tir County including Kuroshio Forest 1010 1217
  • Grecko
  • Mornitor
  • Others

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  • Eco Red has the most to say on the subject of the terraforming of Rubi-Ka and the introduction of new species.

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