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This quest was added to, among other things, introduce players to the Newland Desert teleport to Temple of Three Winds. Added at the same time as Windcaller Karrec it mentions him specifically.

Characters above level 60 cannot enter To3W and thus cannot receive the quest, although they will still see Dante Karall's dialogue.

The 25,000 credit reward is probably not enough to merit farming, but it is fairly hefty for a simple return quest.

The "Talk to Dante Karall" Mission gives nothing other than a mission pointer to find Dante Karall.

Like Fine Wine[edit]

"Dante Karall, the local bartender at Neuters r Us, has comissioned (sic) you to find a bottle of berry wine deep within the Temple of the Three Winds, usually only carried by high-ranking and important members of the temple. Once you've found a bottle, take it back to Dante for your pay.
According to Dante one of the cultists has set up near the Newland Desert whompas, and might be able to ease your transportation to the temple.

Red Berry Wine[edit]

Red Berry Wine [NODROP][UNIQUE]

"This is a bottle of wine found deep within the Temple of the Three Winds. It has a very deep-red colour and despite it supposedly being berry wine, you can't help but get a very faint hint of a copper taste from the liquid. It may be wise not to drink too much of this..."

The Wine drops fairly regularly, somewhere between a 25% and 50% drop rate, from Windcallers, the third highest type of enemy in To3W after primary bosses and Exarchs. Attacking Windcaller Karrec to see if he carries Wine is not recommended for characters who can actually use it.

It is not possible to reactivate the quest with a character that is over 60, so if the quest is not active, not much point in such a character hanging on to these.

Windcaller Karrec dutifully standing in the service of the Three.

Dante Karall[edit]

Dante Karall works in the Neuters_'R'_Us entertainment establishment at Newland City. He is wearing sunglasses of the same design as the Shades of Lucubration. Perhaps his are Shades of Libation. Or Lubrication.

At any rate, Dante will strike up a conversation that could take more than a couple of minutes. Or you can fast-forward through it by left-clicking on the top line of dialogue quickly; the only branching line of dialogue is 'Goodbye', other than at the end. Dante has 16 speeches. Below is shown the dialogue that characters over 60 will receive; this differs slightly in the last paragraph from that which characters receiving the quest see.

Talk to Dante Karall[edit]

Mission given by the Agency handler, but not a Daily Mission. Gives the character nothing whatsoever other than a map pointer to find Dante Karall.


  • "Dante Karall: Yo! Like, what's up, dude? Welcome to Neuter's r Us! My name is Dante Karall and I will totally be your bartender today and stuff. So, like, what can I get for ya?"
    • "What do you have?"
  • "Dante Karall: Like, only the finest selection of brews and booze this side of the planet! And since, like, this is really the only side of the planet, that means we're pretty friggin' awesome. Take a look!"
    • "Your name sounds a little familiar."
  • "Dante Karall: Well, I'd totally hope so! I was, like, almost mayor of Newland itself! Was in the running and everything. I was, like, one of the most popular candidates and stuff. I mean, I guess it didn't go so well in the long run, but hey - I had my shot, and it was totally rockin'. Besides, the guy who won was totally awesome, and I've got nothin' but love for Toog. Well, like, in that bro sense, you know? I'm not, like, crushin' on the dude or anythin'."
    • "What possessed you to run for mayor in the first place?"
  • "Dante Karall: Whoa, dude, that's, like, a little harsh, don't you think? I had just as much of a shot as anyone else, you know? And hey, I almost won too... came in second place, at least. And even if I didn't win, the ride was totally awesome - Met cool peeps, had a total blast, got lit like a mofo on all sorts of alcohol. It was definitely sweet."
    • "Sorry, didn't mean any offense. But outta curiosity, why did you run?"
  • "Dante Karall: Felt like the right thing to do, you know? I mean, like, Newland's always been my home and stuff, and I just wanna see it prosper. It's an awesome city, with all sorts of cool stuff - I mean, peeps like me come from Newland! How cool is that? It's a totally chilled, relaxed, neat place, and I just wanted to do what I could for it. Clean the place up a bit, try to get new folks in, perk up businesses and stuff. And, hey, while I was at it? Throw some totally bitchin' parties!"
Bartender Dante Karall at his counter inside Neuters 'R' Us bar at Newland City

Dante sighs quietly, a wistful smile coming over his face.

  • "Dante Karall: Yeah. Those were the days, dude. Totally. But! Hey, not like life's too terrible now, I guess. Got me a sweet job here at Neuter's, been workin' on my own brand of beer, still doin' the carpentry thing. Can't complain too much at all, ya know?"
    • "So what have you been up to since running for mayor?"
  • "Dante Karall: Oh, well, like, you know. Stuff. There was that thing where my ex ran for mayor of Borealis, which was kinda cool, at least until Omni-Tek decided to crash the party and stuff. I mean, I ain't got no beef with the corporation, but what they did was totally uncool. Least to me. Otherwise I've just been kinda chillin', I guess... like I said, workin' here at Neuter's now. Pretty good gig, really. They don't pay me much, but I get to drink all I want for free, which is totally awesome. They said if I didn't drink as much as I do they could afford to pay me more, so... figure it's a decent tradeoff and stuff."
  • Outside of that? Like... I dunno. I've been working on my own line of beer, which I finally got the first version to market - Neuter's r Us exclusive, might I add! And it's pretty damn tasty too, if I may say so myself. If you wanna buy some, feel free - It's all cheap an' stuff."
    • "You've got your own line of beer?"
  • "Dante Karall: Sure do! Da Beer is Rubi-Ka's newest and most totally awesomeist taste sensation! And the nano is, like, kickin' rad as well! 'cause, like, it's a pun and stuff. Because the "Da" is short for "Dante", but at the same time it kinda sounds like the word "The"! Made outta one-hundred-percent natural fibers, juices, nanobots, and other assorted stuff - just like what the doctor ordered! If the doctor ordered alcohol. Which they probably should do more often, because that would be totally sweet. I mean, like, a prescription for alcohol. How awesome would that be?"
    • "Where do you find ingredients from?"
  • "Dante Karall: Oh, like, here and there. See, Da Beer is composed of the most awesome stuff on Rubi-Ka, which means that sometimes I have to track down some pretty exotic ingredients sometimes. Like, our Chill Stone Brew is made up of a special chill spider extract, combined with a totally rare mineral found only in certain heckler types! Yes sir, Da Beer Company is, like, totally dedicated to bringing you the most awesome-filled tasty beverages, and we'll totally go to any lengths to make sure your brew is the best! Like... assuming that Da Beer Company has the time... which sometimes it don't... 'cause of having to do the whole 'day job' thing..."
The Red Berry Wine drops from any Windcaller; pictured is Windcaller Yatila
    • "Are you lacking on any ingredients?"
  • "Dante Karall: Well, like, not at the moment, but there is something I've been wanting to try out. Just can't, like, get the time to go fetch the stuff myself. I mean, I totally love my job and all that, but I so don't have the time to go running after new ingredients and stuff. That and the weirdos put up some kinda suppression field..."
    • "I think you lost me."
  • "Dante Karall: Oh. Sorry. Like, I have this bad habit of rambling and stuff sometimes. Like, I mean, I just kinda start going and I don't know when to shut up, you know? My mom always used to say that I was, like, hyper and stuff, but I always figured myself as being pretty chill. I mean, it takes a lot to get me stressed out and stuff, though it can be kinda hard to hold my attention some times. It's not 'cause I don't wanna pay attention or anything, it's because I totally do. It's just that I sorta bounce around from topic to topic and stuff and I'm all like "Wheeeee! Shiny!" every time something new comes along. But that's, like, not a bad thing, right?"
    • "... no, not at all. Ingredients?"
  • "Dante Karall: Oh, right! Hah! Like, sorry dude - Totally got carried away there. Yeah, ingredients. See, like, I was trying to get into this temple place, 'cause I figured they had some totally sweet brew down there or something that I could borrow, but they went and threw up this lock field on the door that don't let nobody in unless they're under a certain clearance level. It totally blows, man. Like, hardcore style and stuff."
    • "Temple?"
  • "Dante Karall: Yeah, like, the Temple of the Three Winds. You ain't never heard of it?"
    • "Can't say as I have, no."
  • "Dante Karall: Oh, duuuuuuude. Like, the Temple of the Three Winds is a totally happenin' party place, man! I remember a few years back, when I was still really low clearance, I threw this TOTALLY rightous kegger in there with a few of my boys! The religious dudes in there weren't too thrilled and stuff, but hey - it's all good. The D-Man don't wanna cause no harm. We just went to party - And we totally threw down."
    • "So what kind of temple is it?"
  • "Dante Karall: Uh... well, it's, uh... like... ummm... I mean, I dunno. It's all religious and stuff. Like, religious weirdos sorta, and I heard they do some really funky things down there... and there was the giant walking skeleton... not to mention that one floaty guy with the claws on his hands... oh yeah, that's right - I remember now. The kegger totally got busted up! Getting sent through reclaim kinda gets you sober in a hurry. Total buzzkill, man."
Is Lien the Memorystalker the 'floaty guy with the claws on his hands', or is it the Defender of the Three?
    • "Skeleton? Claw hands?"
  • "Dante Karall: Yeah, it's a freaky scene. I mean, like, I'm not one to judge or nothin', but it's like those dudes are weird man. I mean a lotta people call 'em cultists. Like, I dunno if I'd call it a cult or anything, but they've all got some kinda twig up their rear. Disemboweling peeps who're just trying to listen to some chill tunes and enjoy a keg - Completely bogus, man. Totally not cool."
    • "Maybe you shouldn't go there, then."
  • "Dante Karall: Well, you know, that's the thing. Like, every does go there. And, I mean, the place has kinda got this cool ambience, I guess, but I dunno why everyone and their mother keeps popping up. Though apparently there are a couple of the higher-ranking dude - guys called "Windcallers" - hanging around and passing out fliers and stuff. I dunno - Sounds sorta shady to me. I mean, like, why keep inviting peeps down there if they're just gonna try to chop their heads off and stuff? Like I said, freaky crap. And, like, someone was telling me that one of those Windcaller guys just set up shop close to the whompas out in Newland Desert! I'm so totally hoping that no one, like, listens to his stuff. 'cause I don't wanna see anyone get hurt or anything."
    • "Assuming you could get in - What kind of ingredients were you looking for?"
  • "Dante Karall: Oooohhhh... well, dude. Like, I heard that they drink some totally righteous wine down there. Made outta some kinda rare berries and stuff. Dunno what goes into it, and it's not on the market or anything, but what I really want is to get my hands on a bottle of that stuff. If I could replicate the recipe I would be so money. You've got no idea. But, you know, it's kind of a moot point and stuff, since I can't get down there. Would have to find someone willing to go get the stuff for me... and, you know, who's got a clearance level below sixty."

Windcaller Karrec[edit]

Temple of Three Winds#Windcaller Karrec

Windcaller Karrec used to 'sell' a 'ticket' to teleport players to the Temple at the Newland Desert whompahs. He serves the same function of transportation, and still requires payment for his services, but can nowadays be found at ICC HQ.

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