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Infector Bileswarms accompanying the Subway boss Abmouth Supremus

Players probably encounter their first Cyclopean floating worm mutant, surrounded with a cloud of black insects, at the deep end of the train tracks in the Condemned Subway, just past where Eumenides used to spawn. Infectors, and every Bileswarm that follows them, are enemies tough for their level that tend to do chemical or poison damage.

An unpleasant Bileswarm-related surprise may be had by players who auto-run down The Longest Road on the Distress Signal Straight Forward Mission and veer too far to the side of the road, into the Dead Forest. These particular examples of the species, level 119 or so Bileswarm Defenders, are rumored to give a higher chance of finding Grid Armor.[1]

Bileswarms are the final challenge in the kill Mission at the Spaceship Crash Site in Milky Way.

They have one Dyna Camp; at level 129, it is the highest in Varmint Woods

Species and location, roughly in order of level:

  • Infector, Subway
  • Bileswarm
  • Bileswarm Worker, The Longest Road, possibly others, over level 100
  • Bileswarm Defender, The Longest Road, possibly others, higher level than Workers
  • Bileswarm Dominator, missions ~ 163
  • Bileswarm Colossus, missions ~ 167

Not to be confused with Balanoid Bileswarms in Adonis.

Loot: Tradeskill items, including Instruction Discs