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* 17-IV Mole
* 17-IV Mole
* Probelet 120 or so, 890 2280 [[Broken Shores]]
== Tradeskills ==
== Tradeskills ==

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Robots probably used in terraforming Rubi-Ka, Mole Droids are Omni aligned and will not attack Omni members, nor can Omni members target them with the normal IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) software [Omni cannot Tab to target them]. Their hidden state makes it difficult for Omni-Tek to retrieve them, and Omni-Tek discards what is inconvenient, as the various Biomutant types show.

Notum Saturated Metaplast Armor is an unusual purple/white armor made from Notum Saturated Metaplast Shells that drop from Mole Droids as well as from the Boss mobs at Hollow Island.

Aegean is a good place to start for QL 60 and other levels of Shells. Scooplets' increased presence is certainly due in part to the proximity to Old Athen making it politically and logistically dangerous to mount retrieval efforts.

17-I Scooplet attempting to kill an Aide-Droid in Pleasant Meadows


Roughly in order of Level:

Dead 17-I Scooplet: Rust in pieces


ID NOT FOUNDNotum Saturated Metaplast Shells (rare drop)


Level Range: 20 - 80

  • 17-I Scooplet
  • 17-II Shovelet
  • 17-III Diglet
  • 17-IV Mole


ID NOT FOUND Notum Saturated Metaplast Armor
Auno Listing

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