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An Engineer is a specialist in creating all sorts of machinery. Engineers really excel in constructing powerful battledroids and have access to unique nanotechnology to enhance and repair them. The Engineer's weapon skills are not that great, but the Engineer/robot-pet duo is quite formidable. All Engineers learn to create powerful protective shields and the best Engineers can hack into satellites, and use them to teleport any member of the team to the Engineer's location.


Scourge-Class Slayerdroid mob guarding OT materiel in Pleasant Meadows. Such robots are among the higher levels of robot that Engineers can control

Implants and Symbiants[edit]

Implants are utterly straightforward with Engineer, once you have made the choice of which is more important to you: pet heals (Biological Metamorphosis), or ACs for you, your team, and the pet (Matter Metamorphosis) AND pet damage boosts, AND auras. Thought so. MC or TS in the head? Doesn't matter. PM or SI in the eye? Doesn't matter. All the requirements are usually identical for those pairs, and the only time they aren't, there is nothing much you can do about it, because that would be detrimental to all the times they are identical. MC is used for weapon damage buffs, and TS for a pet snare aura, but neither are worth making a lesser robot for.

Pre-made implants with some of these skills can be found in the basic general shop.


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