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Anarchy Online's instanced playfields.

Instances in Anarchy Online may be in the form of private instance, like Mission instances that require a key to enter, or Team Instances that also can only be entered by the team, or in the form of the public instances like Subway and Crypt of Home. Anarchy Online uses multiple instances in heavily trafficked areas like Subway and Temple of Three Winds. Hold down Shift and press F9 to find the number of the instance you are in. If you are having difficulty entering the same instances as friends have entered, team up first and reenter the instance.

The primary, public instance playfields of Rubi-Ka:

Name Zone Player-Level
Borealis, West Athen and Rome 1 - 25
Greater Tir County 15 - 60
Greater Omni Forest 30+
The Longest Road 40 - 100
Greater Tir County 70+
Southern Foul Hills 90+
Greater Tir County 125+
Broken Shores 70 - 110
Belial Forest 175+
Avalon PvP - 120+
Stret West Bank PvP - 75+

"Anarchy Online was the first to use instances. They are the creators of this technology and plan on using it in an MMOG/RPG/Action/ETC Age of Conan" - Wikipedia - [1]. Another editor contends The Realm was first. All the same, this is an important part of AO history and present gameplay.