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Special Shops are NPCs or specific places where you can buy Items that either:

  1. can not be found in General Shops, both items that are vital for maximizing the potential of characters, and items that are purely for the sake of Roleplaying or Missions, or
  2. offer a limited selection of items available in General Shops.
Stolt's Trading Post in the Newland Desert is a rare example of a cluster of different shop types, including a General Shop (Fair Trade) and an NPC shop (Stolt Jensenberg). Its Food and Drink kiosks were removed.

Special Merchandise[edit]

The Phasefront complex at Newland Lake has moved to ICC

Luxury Shops[edit]

Profession Shops[edit]

Luxury Shop

Rare Use / Roleplay[edit]

  • Food
  • Drinks
    • Good Time Party Mixer (NPC)

Limited Shops[edit]

  • OT Tailor Shop
  • OT Basic Augmentor
  • OT Basic Pharmacist
  • OT Basic Weapons
  • OT Advanced Quality Weaponsdealer NPC at 'Treepine Hut' in Pleasant Meadows
  • Clan Armory
  • Clan Implants
  • Clan Pharmacist
  • Clan Supermarket (General Shops may be named this)
  • Clan Weapons
Outdoor Terminal

Outdoor Kiosks[edit]


These items are made using a tradeskill process that requires an item from one of the previous shops.


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